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  • Windmill Park - Recycle Meter RCKC000001free of Leaks

  • Meter Reading

  • Amara Park - Recycle Meter RCFN000004 free of Leaks

  • Meter Reading

  • Electrical box clear and free of damage

Park Furniture

  • Parks and reserves area have been mown and showing an even coverage with no bare patches and are free of weed

  • Timber benches and seats are free of damage and in good condition

  • Timber bollards free of damage

  • Structure over seating area including stone feature safe and in good condition

Garden Beds

  • Garden beds are in neat order and free of weeds and rubbish

  • Garden bed edges are clearly defined with no material encroaching on surrounding path or lawn areas

  • Any dead, diseased or missing plants have been replaced

  • All shrubs and ground covers are displaying healthy and vigorous growth

  • Mulch is to a minimum 75mm deep and covers whole garden bed


  • Trees are of sound structure and display good health and free of disease and pest

  • All trees are mulched with a ring and a watering bowl formed

  • All watering bowls are free of weeds

Irrigation Systems

  • All parts of components of system are functional

Path and Walk Ways

  • Exposed aggregate paths clean and do not require pressure cleaning and or sealing?

  • Concrete paths clean and do not require pressure cleaning?

  • All path and walk ways free of trip hazards

  • Path edges are clearly defined

Grass Land

  • Parks and reserves area have been mown and showing an even coverage with no bare patches and are free of weed

  • Naturestrip neat and tidy and grass mown

  • I hereby advises that the inspections above have been undertaken and that the answers and information given are true and correct.

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