• The form can be completed and exported in pdf or weblink and shared via email to schools.uk@marsh.com
    If you prefer printing and sending a copy via post:
    Marsh Ltd, Education Practice,
    CapitalHouse, 1-5 Perrymount Road,
    West Sussex RH16 3SY

Property information

  • Declared value: £

  • Market value

  • What date did the property become unoccupied?

  • What are the circumstances relating to the unoccupancy?

  • How long is it anticipated that the property will be unoccupied?

  • Is the property for sale?

  • What is the anticipated sale date?

  • What is the sale price in £

  • Please confirm the inspection arrangements for the property during the period of unoccupancy:

  • Please confirm the type of fire detection system at the property - according to BS 5839-1:2017

  • Will the fire protection system be operative and maintained?

  • Please confirm details of the security of the property

  • Will the intruder alarm system be left operative and maintained?

Data Protection

  • Data Protection
    To provide our services, we will collect and process information about individuals such as members of staff and/or claimants.
    We will collect and process this information as a data controller and in accordance with this notice. Prior to providing us with personal information of a third party, please provide that third party with a copy of this notice.
    You can find more information about our use of personal data in the Marsh Privacy Notice at https://www.marsh.com/uk/privacy-notice.html or in hard copy on request by emailing or writing to Data Protection Officer, Marsh Ltd, Tower Place, London EC3R 5BU or dataprotection@marsh.com.

    How we use personal information:
    We use personal information (such as name and contact details) and, where relevant, special categories of personal information (such as health information). We use this information to provide our services, which will include liaising with the insurer(s),administering your policy and handling claims, complaints and renewals.
    Sharing information:
    We share personal information with third parties such as insurers, loss adjusters and our service providers, including other group companies, sub-contractors and our professional advisors and auditors. If required or permitted by law, we share information with our regulators, the courts and other authorities.
    Legal grounds:
    We rely upon one or more of the following legal bases for processing personal information:
    -to comply with our legal obligations; and/or
    -where necessary for our legitimate interest of providing insurance broking services, while ensuring our reliance on this ground does not unduly harm your rights.
    Where we use special categories of personal information (such as health information), we will also rely on one or more of the following legal bases:
    -such use is necessary for the insurance activities we undertake which are in the substantial public interest;
    -in order to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim; and/or
    - consent.
    Security and transfers:
    We take reasonable steps to keep personal information secure and we maintain data security procedures designed to protect against loss or compromise of personal data. We may need to send personal information to countries outside the United Kingdom where data protection laws are different, but this will be done with appropriate protection in place.
    We will retain personal information for as long as needed in order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.
    Updating your information:
    It is important that personal information is kept complete and up-to-date. If any of the details you provide us with change, you can update us by emailing dataprotection@marsh.com.

    Your rights:
    Under data protection law individuals have certain rights in relation to their personal information, including to access their information and to rectify inaccuracies. More details about these rights can be found in the Marsh Privacy Policy available at https://www.marsh.com/uk/privacy-notice.htm.
    Questions, requests or complaints:
    If you have any questions or complaints about how we use personal information, or you would like to
    access or rectify personal information, you can do so by writing to our Data Protection Officer at the following address:
    The Data Protection Officer Marsh Ltd Tower Place London EC3R 5BU Phone: 020 7357 1000 Email: dataprotection@marsh.com

    Duty of Disclosure and Fair Presentation — It is your duty to disclose to insurers, all information, facts and circumstances which are, or ought to be, known to you and which are material to the risk and to do so in a reasonably clear and accessible manner. This duty arises when you take out and renew insurance, and when you vary an existing policy. A material circumstance is one that a prudent underwriter would consider influential in determining whether or not to provide cover, if so on what terms and what price to charge for the cover. It is likely that any changes to facts previously advised will be material and such changes should therefore be notified. A fact should not be regarded as immaterial merely because it is not the subject of a question on a proposal form and your duty is not limited to answering the specific questions that insurers or we ask you. For example, an un-notified claim is likely to be a material fact to be disclosed. If in any doubt as to whether information is material, you should disclose it, as failure to do so could prejudice your right to recover in the event of a claim or allow underwriters to apply additional terms or even to avoid the policy from inception and treat it as if it had never existed. You should also ensure that all the information you provide to us is correct.

    Your attention is specifically drawn, and we ask you to read carefully, the separate “The Duty of Disclosure and Fair Presentation” document, which sets out in further detail your duty to disclose all material circumstances.
    If having read the above and that document you think we need any further information, or if you have any questions, please let us know.


  • I/We declare that to the best of my/our knowledge and belief the above statements are true and I/we have not withheld or concealed anything affecting the proposed insurance.
    If anyone else has completed this proposal they acted as my/our agent.

  • Signature

  • Job Title

  • On behalf of _____ school/college/academy

For Office Use Only

  • Premium: £

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