Before Commencing

Are you appropriately equipped with knowledge, experience and equipment (inc PPE) to conduct this inspection? (if No - DO NOT CONTINUE)

Have you had a site induction? (if No - DO NOT ENTER SITE UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED THIS)

Are you aware of the site safety requirements? (if No - DO NOT ENTER SITE UNTIL YOU HAVE ARE AWARE)

Are you familiar with the MHS policy on Staff Entry to Construction sites? IF NO, FAMILIARISE YOURSELF PRIOR TO ENTERING SITE)

Is your PPE adequate and in good condition? (if No - Do NOT ENTER SITE UNTIL YOU CAN ANSWER YES)

1.0 - Previous inspection

1.1 - Has the last inspection been reviewed?

1.2 - Have previous action items been addressed?

2.0 - Fire Safety

2.1 - Extinguishers in place, clearly marked for type of fire?

2.3 - All fire equipment has location Marker clearly displayed?

2.4 - Extinguishers and hoses clear of obstructions?

2.5 - Are the site staff aware of internal code protocols and emergency contact details? (refer Contractor Standards document)

3.0 - Emergency Evacuation

3.1 - Evacuation plan clearly displayed?

3.2 - Evacuation plan & instructions up to date?

3.3 - Adequate direction notices for fire exits?

3.4 -Emergency exit lights are clearly visible?

3.5 - Exit doors easily opened from inside?

3.6 - Exits and egress paths are clear of obstructions?

3.7 - Assembly area is allocated and understood by staff?

4.0 - First Aid Facilities

4.1 - A first aid kit is available in work area?

4.2 - A site First Aider is identified?

5.0 - General Site & Building Safety

5.1 - Principal Contractor and contact details clearly identified on sign that is clearly visible at main site entry?

5.2 - Entries and walkways adjacent site kept clear?

5.3 - Mater Capital Works sign with contact details clearly visible at main site entry?

5.4 - Are there sufficient construction, PPE and other warning signs at site?

5.5 - General site house keeping is neat and orderly i.e no construction related rubbish or materials external to agreed site area?

5.6 - General way finding for public around or adjacent to site not obstructed, is clear and takes people on safe route?

6.0 - Hoardings, Safety barriers & Temporary Stairs

6.1 - Are safety barriers and hoardings appropriate and effective for location and conditions?

6.2 - Barriers, hoarding or scaffolding is effective in preventing objects from falling outside of site area?

6.3 - is there sufficient dust control through use of plastic etc?

6.4 - Are safety barriers and hoardings in good condition, stable and free of hazard?

6.5 - Is site perimeter satisfactorily barricaded to avoid accidental access by members of public, patients, children etc?

7.0 - Temporary or Scaffold Stairs

7.1 - All treads are stable and secure?

7.2 - Hand rails stable and secure?

7.3 - Stairs and Rails are free of protrusions/trip hazards?

7.4 - Landings are stable and slip resistant?

8.0 - Documentation and Administrative Procedures

8.1 - is the site manager familiar with and hold a copy of Mater Contractor Standards on site?

8.2 - Does the project Office hold most recent version of site safety plan?

8.3 - is the site contact persons details recorded on project register on Sharepoint?

8.4 - Have the Principal Contractors staff completed Mater ELMO and Project Office hold records?

8.5 - Is safety a standing agenda item at site meetings?

8.6 - Does the Project Office hold current certificates of currency for Contractor Works Insurance?

8.7 - Does the Project Office hold current certificates of currency for Work Cover Insurance ?

8.8 - Does the Project Office hold current certificates of currency for Public Liability Insurance ?

8.9 - Is there sufficient and adequate induction for visitors?

9.0 - is there a site Health and Safety Officer nominated by the Contractor and contact details are provided?

9.0 - Clinical Safety & Infection Control

9.1 - If in clinical area has infection control staff reviewed the site and dust control?

9.2 - If in clinical area are appropriate mechanical zones shut downs etc in place to control dust / fumes etc?

10.0 - Other

10.1 - Other Safety Concerns Identified During Inspection?

Pictures of other Identified Hazards
Add drawing

10.2 - Is the business owner or adjacent occupants happy with safety conditions and have no concerns?

11.0 - Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions Plan

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.