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Nando's Menu Launch May 2016

About your visit...

  • On your visit please order the following: Fino Platter, Mediterranean Salad and a Sangria (which will prompt the sale of a Spritzer we hope!)

  • Were you told about the new menu items when you ordered?

  • When asked 'What sides does the Fino Platter come with?' were you given the correct answer?<br>(Peri buttered Corn, Sweet Potato Wedges, Fino Coleslaw, Supergrain Salad, Chargrilled Veg)

  • When asked 'What are the Four Supergrains in the Supergrain salad?' were you given the correct answer?<br>(Wheatberry, Freekah, Red Quinoa, Black Barley)

  • To the kitchen: What are the four leaves in the new salad bag mix?<br>(Spinach, Red Chard, Can Can, Red Butterhead)

  • When asked 'What is a Spatchcock' did our Nandoca know the answer?

  • When you ordered a Sangria were you told about the Vinho Spritzers?

  • Are the Nata's and Brownies displayed attractively together in the dome?

  • Enter photograph of the display dome

  • The Fino Platter must be served with the chicken diagonally opposite the etchings on the platter. The chargrilled veg, supergrain and fino coleslaw in their bowls on the platter and the wedges and peri buttered corn arranged in the spaces between. Clear criss cross pattern on the chicken.

  • Is your Fino Platter served to spec?

  • Please take a photograph of your Fino Platter

  • Mediterranean Salad - New leaf mix must be used, the feta must be added on last (to make the colours pop!) and not be in the pre prep. The ingredients must be marinated in oil and not dry. (top tip: when pre prepping do not drain the oil before decanting the into the prep pots)

  • Is your Med salad served to spec?

  • Nando's Vinho Spritzer - Check the fruit in your spritzer and portion size.
    White: Cara Viva wine, Sprite, 6 lemon slices, 6 lime slices, 1 sprig of mint
    Rose - 8 raspberries (must be frozen), 6 lime slices, 1 sprig of mint
    Red - 6 orange slices, 8 raspberries (from frozen), 1 cinnamon stick.
    Portion as shown, served in a carafe not a jug and with standards glasses not wine glasses.

  • Is your Vinho Spritzer served correctly?

  • Marketing Collateral.
    Please check if the correct marketing information is on display. For this launch we have:
    * Supergrain Salad side poster
    * Fino Platter A Board
    * Supergrain Salad A Board
    *Vinho Spritzer counter cards
    * Brownie Counter cards
    * Label Flag in Brownies

    Vinho Spritzers Counter Card.png
  • Supergrain A Board

    New Menu Launch Marketing.png
  • Supergrain Side poster

    Supergrain Poster.png
  • Fino Platter A board

    Fino Platter A Board.png
  • Is all the correct marketing information on display?

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