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  • On your visit order the new Sunset Burger, a salad with a houmous as an extra and chips.


  • Were you told about the new menu items by your host or cashier?

  • Was the cashier able to answer your questions about the burger? (Please ask at random i.e. about the roll, the name, what's in the burger etc.)

The burger

  • Is the Bolo do Caco lightly toasted with one set of grill marks on the outside only?

  • Is the Bolo do Caco the right way round?

  • Is the spinach covering the whole of the bottom of the roll?

  • Is the cheese on the thighs visible and melting (not melted so it has disintegrated)?

  • Have the thighs been cross-crossed and basted correctly - skin should be crispy, not soggy

  • Has the smoky red pepper chutney been placed on top of the thighs so it begins to fall down the sides of the thighs?

  • Is the amount of smoky red pepper chutney correct? (1 dessert spoon)

  • Is the flag presented correctly using the new, longer cocktail stick?

  • Is the burger tall so that you can see all of the ingredients and not squashed down?

  • Are your chips hot, crisp and golden brown and is the portion size correct?

  • Is the houmous on your salad 'fluffed' and sprinkled with seeds?

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