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Risk Assessment

  • What external hazards have you identified?

  • Are the hazards controllable? If no then escalate.

  • What internal hazards have you identified?

  • Are the hazards controllable? If no then escalate

  • Is a ladder required to continue and complete the visit? If yes can our Safe System of Work be followed? If no then you must follow the escalation process.

  • If you are accessing the loft how will you gain entry?

  • Confirm use of PPE.

  • Where is the head-end you will be working on, please give a brief description?

Visit Details

  • Visit Type

  • Previous Job Number

  • Address
  • Engineer

  • Date Of Engineer Visit

Entry Checks

  • Earthed

  • Space

  • Signal

  • Power


  • Please give a brief description why the job has been escalated? Include any relevant photos below.

  • Add media

  • What has been done to resolve the escalation? Include relevant photos below.

  • Add media

  • Was additional support required from Sky Homes?

  • Who was your point of contact at Sky Homes?

  • Does the job need to be referred back to the MA?

  • Capture any details why the job requires to be referred back to the MA? (If Applicable)

  • CAI Dangerous Situation Form Issued (If Applicable)

Additional Information

  • Capture any extra relevant information from todays visit.

Exit Checks

  • Text Taps

  • Text Taps Reference Number

  • Add signature

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