Health and Safety committee tools and consultation

Has a master risk control plan been implemented? -

Is there a ‘live’ master risk control plan? Is it regularly updated?

How many hours were spent on OHS improvement? - Refer to rosters, time sheets for evidence on OHS improvement (Minimum 2 hours per week)

‘If you are injured’ poster displayed in the work area - Poster displayed on OHS noticeboard or in prominent staff area

Is the OHS noticeboard up to date and in a suitable location? -

OHS notice must include: OHS Policy
o Names of Committee Members
o Names of OHS Personnel
o Access to OHS Info Sign
o WorkCover If you are Injured poster
o Health and Safety guidelines
o Consultative Arrangements
o Issue Resolution Procedure
o OHS Committee Meeting Minutes
o Upcoming meeting and training dates
o List of qualified First Aiders
o Emergency Phone Numbers
o Bullying and Occupational Violence MOP

When was the last OHS committee meeting? Is OHS included as an agenda item of each team meeting - OHS meetings must be run at least quarterly. Minutes must be displayed on the OHS noticeboard.

Have committee meetings been scheduled for this year? - OHS committee meeting dates must be displayed on the OHS noticeboard?

Is a monthly hazard inspection checklist completed? - Refer to 11.1 YNET risk management manual – health and safety inspections.

Local staff induction & training

Are staff files up to date?

Source 3 files for employees that are currently working. File must include the following documents:
o Position Description
o Letter of offer for each PD
o Relevant qualifications documented in PD
o Signed New staff induction
o Signed Area specific induction

Do employees receive ongoing training to conduct their jobs safely? - Is there an OHS/training calendar available?

Is training records available on the last training session conducted? - Has training been recorded on a YMCA training records template?

Emergency Response

Exit doors, stairs and pathways clear of obstruction both inside and outside of doors - Visual inspection of all areas

Emergency exit doors clearly marked & visible; signage present and illuminated - Exit lights at emergency exit points & illuminated

When was the emergency management plan last updated? - It is recommended that the EMP is updated annually

Have mock evacuation been conducted in the last 12 months? - Mock evacuation must be appropriately recorded, reviewed and improvements implemented

Has emergency management training been provided in the last 12 months? - Training records for emergency management training. If staff could not attend, how is it followed up?


Is a contractor induction process implemented? - Ensure the YMCA contractor induction booklet is implemented and is relevant to the site.

Is there a contractor sign in/sign in process implemented - Ensure a sign in/sign out system is implemented and all fields are completed.

Are there completed contractor inductions? - Ensure all contractors have completed an annual induction & all relevant paperwork is completed.

Is there completed JSA/Authority to work forms? - Are JSA’s completed for works completed? Are hazards identified relevant to the task and control measures appropriate?

Have relevant licences and certificates of currency been collected? - All contractors must provide a certificate of currency/insurance. Contractors must provide licences appropriate to works being completed.

Has a high risk permit system been implemented for high risk work? Are they completed when appropriate? - Confined space, hot work and working at heights permits implemented and staff trained

Identify the last 2 contractors that has signed in. have all necessary paperwork been collected? - Contractor induction, JSA, high risk permits, licences and certificates of currency

First aid/Incident reports

Is first aid, O2 and defib regularly checked? - Ensure the checklists have been completed on a regular basis.

Stock meets requirements of local hazards relevant guidelines? - Ensure the stock meets local hazards and relevant guidelines. GSPO FA3

Are incident reports logged electronically? - Are incident reports logged on the YMCA first aid reporting spreadsheet

Are logged incident reports up to date? - Ensure all investigations are completed within 21 days on incident

Bullying and Occupational Violence

Is the bullying MOP displayed on the noticeboard and there procedures available to staff on how to report? - MOP displayed on noticeboard
Reporting procedure implemented

Waste Management

Are there sufficient waste disposal containers

Contents of recycling and wastes to landfill are appropriate to reduce cross contamination and maximise recycling

Waste are disposed of regularly and volumes are kept to a minimum


Has the YMCA chemical storage protocol been implemented? -

Refer to YMCA chemical storage protocol
o Walk ways and paths to fire equipment clear
o Chemicals must have labelled designated storage areas
o Sufficient lighting
o Open bags stored in labelled containers
o MSDS’s available
o Appropriate placarding
o Colour coded mixing equipment

Is the hazardous substances/dangerous goods register up to date

Is there a spill kit located in the area? Is it regularly checked? - Spill kit needs to be suitable to the chemicals and quantity

Is there a system in place for managing contractors delivering chemicals? - YMCA Chemical delivery protocol implemented

Chemical storage area general house keeping? - Ensure the general house keeping in the chemical storage area is good and there is no slip, trip or fall hazards

All chemicals in the facility listed on the master risk control plan and all risk assessments on master risk control plan up to date? - All chemicals must be listed on master risk control plan and have a updated risk assessment and safe work procedure.

Is PPE maintained and regularly checked? - PPE must be checked on a maintenance checklist

Have staff received PPE training - Ensure staff have received training in fit, test, cleaning and maintenance of PPE

Are all pipes, valves and pumps controlling water and chemical feeds clearly labelled? -

Water – green
Hypo – Violet
Co2 – Yellow Ochre

Manual handling

Has all hazardous manual handling been identified on the master risk control plan?

Are all risk assessments and safe work procedures up to date and regularly reviewed? - Reviewed as required or at least every 12 months

Has manual handling training been provided in the last 12 months? - Manual handling train the trainer

Are manual handling safe work procedures available to staff? - Safe work procedures must be accessible for staff


Is there an up to date asbestos register? - Within 5 years?

Is asbestos included in the contractor induction? - Ensure it is covered in contractor induction

Are employees aware of the location of asbestos? - Covered in induction and communicated on OHS noticeboard if appropriate

Is there a risk assessment and safe work procedure for asbestos? - MRCP

Working at height

All working at heights tasks listed on the master risk control plan - Ensure all working at heights tasks are added to the master risk control plan.

Is the working at heights permit implemented? - Ensure there is a permit system available. If permits have been completed, have they been filled out appropriately?

Controls implemented, staff training and procedures been provided to staff - Look at working at heights tasks control plan; ensure staff has had training on the controls.

Plant and Equipment

All plant and equipment listed on the master risk control plan

Has a preventative maintenance schedule been implemented to maintain plant and equipment - All plant, equipment has a documented maintenance and service schedule

Is all electrical equipment tested and tagged in accordance with Australian standard? - Provide evidence of tags on electrical equipment and copies of report

Aquatic Facilities

Is there an operations manual available? - Ensure the operations manual is specific to the centre and includes:
• Physical layout
• Staff structure
• Personnel
• Staff procedures
• Training
• Emergency action plan
• Reporting
• Maintenance
• Water quality
• Programs
• Lifeguard Induction
• Operations manual

Has lifeguards undertaken in service training covering all areas of lifeguard skills? -

• Emergency Procedures
• Lifesaving skills
• Resuscitation
• O2 equipment
• First aid
• Deep water recovery
• Training must be documented

Is there an agreement/contract for all hirers of all parts of the facility? - Ensure there is a booking form filled out with terms and conditions of hire when external user groups use the facility

Is all pool water monitored and maintained within regulations? - Ensure the pool is tested
• Before opening
• Every 4 hours
• Pool is retested when tests are out of regulations

YMCA Swimming Lessons

Are emergency procedures practiced with group lessons? - Ensure the class attendance sheet includes students being trained in emergency procedures

Is information about Aquatic Education participants medical history sought and made available to teachers? - Provide evidence of medical history from enrolment form is communicated to staff

What are the four safety elements included in YMCA Swimming Lesson plans?

- Supervision
- Hydration
- House Keeping
- Manual Handling

What are the safety teaching tips included on the YMCA Swimming Lesson plans?

-Think about your back, maintain good posture in the water, stretch between activities
- Provide clear instructions and demonstrations to students and talk time though practising the required movement to avoid unintended contact (i.e. kicking)

Confined Spaces

Has all confined spaces been identified on the master risk control plan? - Conduct an inspection of the centre and ensure all potential confined spaces have been identified on the master risk control plan

Has all confined spaces been assessed using the YMCA confined spaces Hazard ID, Assessment and control template? - Read over assessments and ensure it is relevant to the to the space

Are confined space controls implemented? - Read the risk control plan and ensure all risk controls are implemented

Are the confined spaces appropriately locked and signed? - Ensure appropriate signage is posted on the confined space and the confined spaces are isolated.

When contractors are entering confined spaces, are appropriate permits been completed? - Ensure permits have been completed and filled out appropriately when contractors are entering confined spaces

Is staff issuing confined space permits have appropriate qualifications or competencies? - Ensure there is a process in place for competent people are only issuing permits

Has appropriate licences been collected when contractors are entering a confined space? - Ensure appropriate licences are collected when contractors are entering a confined space.

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