Warm welcome/greeting provided?

If the host used the term “checkin in?” All points are lost.

Good posture, smile, eye contact, and displayed attentive listening throughout the interaction?

Guest was thanked for their loyalty and guest's Marriott Rewards status was acknowledged along with a detail regarding their rewards account.

If number is not on file, guest was asked if they are a member and if they'd like to join.

Was the guest’s email confirmed upon checkin?

If mobile - Host welcomed the mobile check-in guest with "We've been expecting you". Also host explained swipe to guest and key delivery components for mobile check-in

Was the Platinum Arrival gift offered?

Room number provided discreetly, non-verbally.

Host wrote their name on the keypacket and/or presented him/herself to the guest.

Host used the Welcome Brochure (map) with resort fee, restaurants, times of operation and amenities.

Was the Elite Enhancement explained appropriately?

Host used guest's name during interaction, at least 3 times.

Host created personal connection?

Host responded to cues.

Departure time was confirmed with guest, and if Gold or Platinum Elite, late checkout was offered?

Further assistance offered to the guest.

Was “Your Choice” mentioned upon check-in?

Warm and sincere closing offered and appreciation shared (for their loyalty)

Did the host come around the Pod and guide guest to elevator? (Doesn’t mean walking guest to elevator, means making face to face contact and showing where the elevator is from around the Pod)

The check in took 5 minutes (including time in line) and was error free

Host Signature to Confirm feedback was given
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