General Requirements

  • Appropriate PPE must be worn at all times

  • Complete pre-operation check on trailer and prime mover before commencing task

  • Ensure site traffic management rules are complied with at all times

Specific Requirements

Prepare Prime Mover for Coupling

  • Ensure pin coupling/jaws are in the correct position

  • Ensure the jaw adjustment rod is not bent

Reverse Prime Mover Towards Trailer

  • Line up prime mover to trailer

  • Lower airbags on prime mover (so as not to damage mudguards or scrape grease off turntable)

  • Reverse prime mover under trailer skid plate - then stop just prior to jaws engaging

  • Raise air bags on prime mover (to take weight off the trailer)

  • Apply maxi brakes and exit truck cabin - maintaining three points of contact

  • Check turntable height and wind trailer legs up until just off the ground (this will prevent legs being bent and the trailer pin sitting on top of the turntable jaws)

  • Driver to re-enter cabin of prime mover (maintaining three points of contact) and reverse vehicle until jaws lock around the trailer pin

Conduct Tug Test and Ensure all Mechanisms are Locked

  • Attempt to carefully ease forward against the trailer brakes

  • Visually check the coupling to ensure locking pin/jaws have engaged after first applying the park brake

  • Ensure release lever is in the locked position

Trailer Support Legs

  • Wind up trailer support legs

  • Lock into position or secure draw-bar leg

  • Ensure trailer legs are wound up fully to avoid damage to legs


  • Connect hoses/cables

  • Ensure good condition of hoses/cables

Checks Prior to Departure

  • Driver has completed their pre-operation checks and documentation

  • Any defects have been raised with Management

Additional Comments

  • Additional Comments

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