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Sections Completed

Sections Completed

  • Section 1.A Check In & Ticket Sales

  • Section 1.B Gates & Passenger Boarding

  • Section 2.A Baggage Handling

  • Section 3 Cargo / Mail

  • Section 4.A Aircraft Arrival - Ramp

  • Section 4.B Aircraft Departure - Ramp

  • Section 5 Load Control / Operations

  • Section 6.A Training

  • Section 6.B GSE

  • Section 6.C Security / Emergency Response

Section 1.A Check In & Ticket Sales

Check In

  • Do desks open and close on time and are there enough?

  • Are company logos and branding correct?

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  • Are security questions displayed and drawn to pax attention?

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  • Are Dangerous Goods notices displayed on the check in desks and at the ticket sales desks?

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  • Do agents ask/draw attention of customers to DG signs at check in?

  • Are excess baggage collection procedures followed?

  • Do agents check tickets and passports?

  • Is DCS system used?

  • If required, are unruly passenger procedures followed?

  • Is cabin baggage viewed, weighed and tagged?

  • Do baggage belts run without stoppages?

  • Are PRM's handled correctly?

Ticket Sales Desk

  • Are the latest ancillary service charges in use?

  • View the last few revenue transactions:

  • Is the charge correct?

  • Does the receipt (supplier copy) reflect purchase bought and price?

  • Has the receipt number been recorded?

Section 1.B Gates & Passenger Boarding

Gates & Passenger Boarding

  • Are departure lounge FIDS & gate screens correct?

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  • Do boarding staff arrive at the gate on time?

  • Are PRM passengers identified and pre-boarded?

  • Is there communication with the a/c, re boarding time, ETD?

  • Are the announcements clear and correct? (In English first)

  • Are there sufficient busses for remote departures?

  • Are passports checked against boarding cards?

  • Are on-line check in pax passports checked?

  • Are on-line check in pax hand luggage checked and tagged?

  • Is there a robust system for reconciling customers?

  • Is there DG signage at the gate?

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Section 2.A Baggage Handling

Baggage Handling

  • Is the baggage make up area clear of rubbish?

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  • Is the belt large enough for the operation?

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  • Does the belt run without stoppages?

  • Do agents adopt correct manual handling techniques?

  • What system is used to ensure AAA procedures are followed?

  • Is there sufficient space in the baggage make up area for the operation?

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  • Are spaces for baggage carts clearly demarcated from the roadway?

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  • Are speed limits and one way systems being adhered to?

Lost & Found

  • Is the lost & found office open during the hours of Monarch operations?

  • Does the agent have direct access to Worldtracer?

  • Are expedited bags accompanied with the correct paperwork?

  • Are expedited bags screened to an acceptable level?

  • How is this achieved?

Section 3 Cargo / Mail

Cargo / Mail

  • Is the cargo built correctly?

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  • Is the cargo checked for damage/spillage prior to loading/unloading?

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  • Are Dangerous Goods procedures followed?

  • Does the paperwork match the shipment?

  • Does the correct paperwork accompany the shipment?

Section 4.A Aircraft Arrival - Ramp

Ramp Safety - Arrival

  • Has the team leader briefed the team?

  • Has a pre-arrival FOD check been performed?

  • Are vehicles (in use or otherwise) parked in designated parking areas/clear of ERA?

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  • Is guidance mechanism in place; PAPA, Marshaller etc?

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  • Do personnel remain clear of the aircraft until anti-collision are off/engines spooled down & aircraft is safe to approach?

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  • Is the aircraft chocked as required?

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  • Is the aircraft inspected for any damage prior to equipment being positioned on the aircraft?

  • If any damage noted what was the reporting procedure used?

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  • Are vehicles positioned only after chocks in place?

  • Prior to offloading were the following items checked?:

  • Nets/ULD's serviceable?

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  • Nets/ULD's correctly secured?

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  • Upper load limits adhered to?

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  • Every hold opened and checked?

  • Were passengers marshalled safely around the aircraft?

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  • Were any EMA's loaded on the aircraft?

  • Was the EMA loaded correctly?

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  • Does the aircraft load match the load sheet?

  • Are aircraft steps positioned correctly?

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  • Are safety cones positioned correctly?

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  • Are baggage belt/hi-loader safety rails used correctly?

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  • Do staff make use of PPE?

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  • Are vehicles driven in a safe manner?

  • Ate vehicles switched off (or chocked) when not in use?

Section 4.B Aircraft Departure - Ramp

Ramp Safety - Departure

  • Do staff make use of PPE?

  • Is any FOD generated during the turnaround removed?

  • Do vehicles reversing make use of a banksman?

  • Are vehicles removed and correctly parked?

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  • Is baggage left unattended at any time?

  • Is a hard copy of the LIRF held by the responsible person of the loading team?

  • Are AAA procedures followed during the loading process?

  • Is the pre-departure walk around performed?

  • Is a headset used for communication with the flight deck?

  • Are all hand signals clear and correct?

  • Are all nets/ULD's secured in all holds?

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  • Is the fuelling vehicle positioned correctly, with a clear exit path?

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  • Is the bonding cable used correctly throughout fuelling?

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  • Is the dead mans handle used correctly whilst fuel is delivered?

  • For hydrant operations, are warning flags or lights in use?

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  • If fuelling with pax on board, are local regulations followed?


  • Were they present throughout the turnaround?

  • Did they have good communication with the crew?

  • Was all paperwork delivered in good time?

  • Was the HBMDF completed and signed before aircraft pushback?

  • Is the completed LIRF (signed, annotated) presented to the dispatcher?

  • Have any changes to the load been communicated to the load planner?

Aircraft Cleaning

  • Do cleaners arrive in good time?

  • Are the numbers of cleaners adequate, or as per SGHA/SLA?

  • Are correct cleaning specifications followed?

Potable Water / Toilet Service

  • Does the station load potable water?

  • Is the potable water tested with results on file and in date?

  • Is the toilet service carried out separately to the potable water service?


  • Were any EMA's, if loaded, loaded correctly?

Section 5 Load Control / Operations

Weight & Balance

  • Is the W&B paperwork produced manually?

  • Are correct baggage weights in use? If so, what weight?

  • Are correct passenger weights in use? If so, what weight?

  • Is loading planned in accordance with airline guidelines?

  • Is hard copy of LIRF completed and supplied to the loading team?

  • Have all changes to the planned load been communicated?


  • Are all PNL reports received -24?

  • Are all required messages being received from up route station?

  • Does the station transmit the MVT immediatley?

  • Does the agent have an up to date contacts list?

  • Are required messages transmitted to the up route station?

  • Does Ops have ground to air R/T? If so, what is the frequency?

Flight Files

  • Please list flight files audited:

  • Loadsheet signed by Captain & Dispatcher?

  • Correct weights used on the loadsheet?

  • Has standard loading been adhered to?

  • Correct DOI/DOW used?

  • Passenger / baggage figure correct?

  • Any LMC's?

  • We're the correct weights used and in limits?

  • LIRF; annotated, signed and matches loadsheet?

  • Baggage manifest present?

  • HBDMF present and completed correct?

  • Stored for a minimum of 3 months?

  • Cabin security search form present?

  • Expedited baggage paperwork present and completed correct?

Section 6.A Training


  • Has training for the following been completed and up to date?:

  • Dangerous Goods

  • Ramp Safety

  • Manual Handling

  • PRM handling

  • Load Planning

  • AAA

  • Security

  • Check In

  • Passports & Visas

  • Emergency Response

Manuals / Briefs

  • Is the GOM on station?

  • What date was this issued?

  • Did any out of date material require removal?

  • How are information and Operations Notices disseminated to staff to ensure it is read and understood?

Section 6.B GSE


  • Is all equipment serviceable and fit for use?

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  • Do vehicles have a valid airside pass on display?

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  • Is there a procedural maintenance schedule?

  • Is there a fire extinguisher fitted on every motorised GSE?

  • Are the fire extinguishers all serviceable and within service dates?

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  • When were these GSE last serviced?:

  • Passenger Busses

  • Baggage Belts

  • Flatbed Trucks

  • Ambulift

  • Toilet Service

  • Potable Water

  • GPU

  • ASU

  • Passenger Steps

  • Towing Vehicles

  • Hi-Loader

  • Catering Vehicle

  • Fuel Truck

  • Towbar

Section 6.C Security / Emergency Response


  • Is the terminal 'sterile' at all entrance points?

  • Do all airport staff display valid ID badges, both in the terminal and onboard/around the aircraft?

  • Are these ID's in English?

  • Are there enough AMD's for passenger numbers?

  • Are there enough baggage x-ray machines?

  • Is passenger/baggage screening performed adequately and correctly?

  • Are there separate Schengen areas?

Emergency Response

  • Is the ERP complete, up to date and understood?

  • When was the ERP last updated/issued?

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