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Section A - Check In (AHM051/170)

  • Do desks open and close on time and are there enough?

  • Are company logos and branding correct?

  • Are security questions displayed and drawn to passengers attention?

  • Are excess baggage collection procedures followed?

  • Do agents check tickets and passports?

  • If DCS used, which system is it?

  • If required, are unruly passengers procedures followed?

  • Is cabin baggage viewed, weighed and tagged?

  • Do baggage belt run without stoppages?

Section A - Security/Boarding (AHM051)

  • Are there enough AMD for passenger numbers?

  • Are there enough baggage X-ray machines?

  • Are there sufficient immigration control channels open?

  • Are there separate Schengen channels/Areas?

  • Are the departure lounge FIDS and gate screens correct?

  • Do boarding staff arrive at gate on time?

  • Are PRM's identified and pre-boarded?

  • Is there communication with a/c, re boarding time ETD?

  • Correct/Clear boarding announcements?

  • Are there sufficient buses for remote departures?

  • Are passports checked against boarding cards?

  • Are online check-in passengers passports checked?

  • Are online check-in passengers hand baggage checked and tagged?

  • Is there a robust system for reconciling passengers and what system is used?

Section A - Dangerous Goods (AHM170)

  • Are Dangerous Goods notices provided by handling agent or airport authority displayed at: Check-in, Gates, Flight Desks?

  • Do agents ask/draw attention of customers to DG signs at check-in?

  • Is the current version of the IATA DG manual held on station?

  • Have you received addendum's (updates) to this addition? If so, list effective date?

Section B - Ramp Safety Checklist (AHM612) - ARRIVAL

  • Has the team leader briefed the team?

  • Was a pre-arrival FOD check performed?

  • Are vehicles (in use or otherwise) parked in designated areas?

  • Is guidance mechanism in place, PAPA, Marshaller etc?

  • Do personnel remain clear until anti-collision lights are off?

  • Is aircraft suitably chocked?

  • Is aircraft inspected for any ground damage prior to equipment being positioned on aircraft? If any damage noted, was the correct reporting procedure followed?

  • Are vehicles positioned only after chocks in place?

  • Prior to offloading commencing: were nets / ULD's correctly secured?

  • If nets not secured were they serviceable?

  • If unserviceable, was this noted in aircraft tech log?

  • If A300/A330, were ULD's serviceable?

  • If ULD's unserviceable, were correct reporting processes followed?

  • Were upper load limits adhered to?

  • Was cargo checked to ensure hold floor limits not exceeded?

  • Was every hold opened and checked?

  • Did anyone approach aircraft whilst anti-collision lights were on?

  • Responsible for passenger marshalling?

  • Dangerous goods?

  • Cargo?

  • Wheelchairs?

  • Does aircraft load match loadsheet?

  • Are steps correctly positioned (no contact)?

  • Do those vehicles requiring a banksman have one?

  • Does the air bridge operator have a license?

  • Are wing/engine cones used?

  • Are passengers protected from hazards if walking on the ramp?

  • Are baggage belt and hi-loader safety rails deployed?

  • Do staff avoid walking on moving baggage belts?

Section B - General Turnaround (AHM630)

  • Does the parking area have adequate markings and lighting?

  • Do personnel make use of PPE?

  • Are vehicles driven in a safe manner around the aircraft?

  • Are vehicles switched off (or chocked) when not in use?

  • Is baggage kept in sight/attended prior to loading?

  • Are nets kept in holds at all times and secured for departure?

  • If any nets noted as faulty, where they reported to crew?

  • Are all ULD's fit for use, with nets/curtains fastened correctly?

Section B - Departure (AHM630)

  • Is any FOD generated by the turnaround removed before departure?

  • Do reversing vehicles use a banksman?

  • Does engineer, or other, carry out visual door/panel check?

  • Are all vehicles (airbridge) removed and correctly parked?

  • Is a pre-departure walk around performed?

  • If a headset is used for flight deck comms, who operates it?

  • If hand signals are used, are they clean and understood by all?

  • Is the HBMDF signed and completed before pushback as per AAA?

Section B - Personal Protective Equipment

  • Is hearing protection worn?

  • Are hi-viz vests worn?

  • Are gloves and protective footwear worn?

  • Are there any fluid leaks on the ground?

  • Is there adequate night time lighting?

Section B - Aircraft Cleaning (AHM630)

  • Is the service carried out by handling agent or 3rd party , if so, who?

  • Do cleaners arrive in good time?

  • Are number of cleaners adequate, or as SHGA/SLA?

  • Are correct specifications followed?

  • Does cleaning company provide necessary means for waste recycling?

Section B - Dispatcher

  • We're they present throughout the turnaround?

  • Did they drive GSE?

  • Did they have good communication with the crew?

  • Was all flight paperwork presented to crew in good time?

Section B - Fuel

  • Is the fuel truck positioned correctly, with a clear exit path?

  • Is the bonding cable used correctly throughout fuelling?

  • Is the dead mans handle used correctly whilst fuel is delivered?

  • For hydrant operations, are warning flags or light in use?

  • If fuelling with pax on board, a local company rules followed?

Section C - Servicing Equipment (AHM910/913/914)

  • Is the equipment serviceable and fit for purpose?

  • Note asset numbers of defective equipment and report it?

  • Check for missing rubber fenders, leaks, loose panels etc

  • Do motorised vehicles have an operating fire extinguisher?

  • Does vehicle have a valid airside pass on display?

  • Does agent have procedural maintenance schedule?

  • Passenger Buses

  • Baggage Belts

  • Flatbed trucks

  • Ambulift

  • Toilet Service

  • GPU

  • Pushback Tug

  • Deicing vehicle without equipment around

  • Fire fighting equipment

  • Passenger steps

  • Towing vehicles

  • Hi-Loader

  • Catering vehicle

  • Water service

  • Fuelling truck

  • ASU

  • Towbar

  • Cleaning support

  • Is there a clearly marked area for unserviceable equipment? If yes - please make note of location

  • Is there a documented process for removing U/S equipment and sending for for repair? If yes, please provide brief description?

  • Actions required

Section D - Weight & Balance (AHM515/517/591)

  • Is the W&B paperwork produced manually?

  • Is the W&B paperwork produced through handling agents DCS?

  • Are actual or notional baggage weights in use?

  • If notional are correct weights used?

  • Are correct passenger weights used?

  • Is loading planned in accordance with airline guidelines?

  • Is a hard copy LIR completed and supplied to the loading team?

  • Comms between planning and aircraft to confirm final load?

  • Is all loading based on a hard copy LIR, held by designated person

  • Are any changes fed back to load planning?

  • Is the LIR signed, annotated with actual baggage numbers and presented to the dispatcher?

Section D - Operations (AHM780)

  • Are PNL reports received -24?

  • Are flight plans/WX info received from IOC or sourced locally?

  • Are required messages being received from up route station (MVT/LDM/CPM/PSM/PTM etc)?

  • Is Premium baggage location identified?

  • Does the station transmit the AA immediately?

  • Does the agent have to update contacts & global SITA lists?

  • Are required messages transmitted to up route stations?

  • Does the Ops centre have ground to air R/T, what is the frequency?

Section D - Flight File

  • Loadsheet signed by captain and dispatcher?

  • LIRF: annotated, signed and matches info on loadsheet?

  • Baggage manifest?

  • PNL, pax info lists etc?

  • Inbound/outbound SITA messages (MVT/LDM/CPM/PSM/PTM)?

  • Operational flight plan (optional)

  • AAA (store for min 7 days)?

  • NOTOC (if applicable)

  • Copy of AWB?

  • Seal log?

  • Storage period: minimum of months

  • Please indicate all flight files that have been checked, indicating any abnormalities (include flt#, date, reg and route):

Section E - Lost & Found / Mishandled Baggage

  • Opening hours H24?

  • During operation only (list days and times of opening i.e.

  • Does agent have direct World Tracer access?

  • If not, what is the procedure?

Section E - PRM Procedures (AHM176)

  • Which company provides services for PRM?

  • Do they have sufficient equipment and personnel for 'normal' operations?

  • Are they familiar with safe operating practices in and around aircraft; do they have access to the GOM?

  • Do they receive PSM from UK stations?

  • How many ambulifts are available?

  • What alternatives are in place if ambulift is unavailable?

  • What specialist training is provided for drivers and/or personnel carrying pax up aircraft steps?

Section E - Manuals, Guides, Briefs and Notices

  • Are details on the stations directory correct?

  • Is the correct revision of the GOM CD available?

  • Is Internet access available for online manuals?

  • When was the online GOM last accessed?

  • Did any out of date material require removal? To include flight stationary and branding items.

  • Are information and operations notices available to all staff?

  • How is it displayed and is 'understanding' recorded?

  • Are manual stationary stocks sufficient?

Section E - Unit Load Devices (AHM421-430)

  • Does the station hold Unitpool Damage packs?

  • Are ULD's stored in an acceptable manner, racks etc?

  • Is the SCM completed weekly? Are other agents handling Unitpool carriers?

  • Are there any local issues with stock levels?

Section E - Potable Water

  • Does potable water meet WHO standards?

  • Has the station submitted the seasonal potable water statement?

Section F - Security (AHM051)

  • Is the terminal 'sterile' with security at all entrance points?

  • How is BRS achieved?

  • Do all airport staff display valid ID badges, both in the terminal and on board/around the aircraft?

  • Are these ID's in a language/alphabet familiar to our crews?

  • Is AAA required and contracted at the station?

  • Is the security check form held on station for min 48 hours?

  • Please comment on Baggage Reconciliation System (checking of bag tags, make up area BRS direct into DCS, Manual bingo cards, counting onto aircraft, unaccompanied baggage manifest, gate check items, offload procedures, count at check-in vs loadsheet vs LIRF, marking of ULD's with flight number)

Section F - Ramp Incident Reporting (AHM650/652)

  • Are agents aware of requirement to notify relevant department of incidents & accidents, including aircraft damage?

Section F - Existing GOR/ASR/SAFA and Incident Reports (AHM650)

  • Are any safety related reports currently open against the station? If so, please request update from station.

  • Are measures put in place to close previous reports being adhered to?

Section F - Emergency Response Plan (AHM050)

  • Is the stations ERP complete, up to date and understood?

Section F - Training Schedule (AHM060/590)

  • Is recurrent training in place and are they complying with IATA training schedule guide for; Dangerous Goods Awareness?

  • Ramp Safety?

  • Load planning?

  • Security?

  • Is training up to date and when was it last carried out; Dangerous Goods Awareness?

  • Ramp Safety?

  • Load planning?

  • Security?

Section F - Flight Desk

  • Are the latest ancillary service charges in use?

  • View the last 2 revenue transactions: Check amount charges vs list, check copy of receipt (supplier copy) reflects purchase and price, check agent record sales reflects purchase price, receipt number should be recorded

Section G - Meetings

  • Select date

  • Location of meeting:

  • Attendees; Name, Company & Position:

  • Agenda or Reason for Meeting:

  • Items Discussed:

  • Follow Up / Action Points (include responsible person and date action required):

Airport Station Checklist Complete

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