General Identification | Cabin Interior

  • Date and Time audit began

General Details

  • Basic Photographic Identification (4 x Corner Shots)

  • Manufacturer

  • Model

  • Serial Number

  • ID Plate/s Photo

  • Engine Number

  • Year Of Manufacture

  • Road Registration

  • Plant Identification Number (if used)

  • SMU / Hour Meter Reading

  • Is The Hour Meter Working

  • Hour Meter Photo

Control Station Functions | Cabin Interior

  • Driver Seat in Good Repair

  • Windshield Wipers Functioning Appropriately

  • Heater and Defroster Operational

  • Air Conditioning Operational

  • Dashboard Lights Operational

  • All Gauges are Operating and Show Within Appropriate Ranges

  • Interior Compartment Lights Operational

  • Entry Grab Bar/Rails Secure

  • Interior is Clean and Free of Loose Objects

  • Passenger Seat Belts Operational (if applicable)

  • Passenger Seats in Good Repair (if applicable)

  • Interior Cabin Photo's

Safety Equipment - internal

  • Securely Mounted First Aid Kit

  • Vehicle is Equipped with Two Way Radio System

  • Fire Extinguisher Fitted

  • Emergency Stop Fitted and Operational

Tyres / Wheels | Chassis

Tyres / Wheels

  • Size And Type

  • LH Font

  • LH Front Photo

  • RH Front

  • RH Front Photo

  • LH Rear

  • LH Rear Photo

  • RH Rear

  • RH Rear Photo

  • Rims,Wheel Studs, Nuts And Lugs All Intact And In Good Order

  • Additional Photos As Applicable


  • Is Any Major Damage Apparent

  • On Which Date Did The Damage Occur

  • Is A Company Incident Report Available

  • Detailed Description

  • Please Photograph Damaged Area's

  • Frame Condition

  • Articulation Joint

  • Steering Linkage

  • Steering Rams

  • Brake Lines/Hoses

  • Blade Tilt Frame

  • Y-Frame

  • Circle Frame

  • Circle Gear Box

  • Articulating Center Pins

  • Front Axle Oscillating Pins

  • Steering Linkage

Engine | Drive Train | Hydraulics


  • Rebuild History (Supporting Documentation Required)

  • Hours Completed On Rebuild

  • Date Completed

  • Fuel Type

  • Engine Make/Model

  • Is The Starter Operational

  • Turbo Functional

  • Injector Pump Functional

  • Exhaust System Condition OK

  • Radiator Condition OK

  • Free of Oil Leaks

  • Free of Fuel Leaks

  • Free of Cooling System Leaks

Drive Train

  • Rebuild History (Supporting Documentation Required)

  • Hours Completed On Rebuild

  • Date Completed

  • Transmission OK

  • Travel Speeds - All OK

  • Rear Axle OK

  • Front Axle OK

  • Service Brakes Functional

  • Final Drives OK

  • General Comments


  • Rebuild History (Supporting Documentation Required)

  • Hours Completed On Rebuild

  • Date Completed

  • Pumps OK

  • Valves OK

  • Hydraulic Tank OK

  • Hoses OK

Exterior Panels / Glass | Lighting | Safety Equipment

Exterior Panels / Glass

  • Windshield Free of Cracks and Chips

  • Left Mirrors Adjustable and Free of Damage

  • Left Fender Free of Damage

  • Left Door Free of Damage

  • Left Side Free of Damage

  • Left Side Windows Free of Cracks and Chips

  • Rear WIndow Free of Cracks and Chips

  • Right Side Free of Damage

  • Paint Condition

  • Additional Photos As Required

Exterior Lighting

  • Rotating Amber Beacon Functional

  • Working Lights Front Fitted

  • Working Lights Rear Fitted

  • Additional Lighting

Safety Equipment - external

  • Audible Back-up Alarm Operational

  • Exterior emergency stop fitted and operational

  • Fire extinguisher fitted

  • Fire suppression system fitted

  • ROPS/FOPS Fitted and Intact

  • Steps/Hand Rails etc

  • Additional Photos As Applicable

Dimensions | Documentation

General Dimensions

  • Overall Width (mm)

  • Overall Length Inc Bucket (mm)

  • Overall Height To Top Of Cabin (mm)

Available Documetation

  • Is Vehicle Serviced According to the Manufacturers Schedule?

  • Date of Last Service And Type

  • Are Adequate Preventative Maintenance and Service Repair Records Kept

  • Sighted Documents

  • Additional Comments

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