Risk / Manual / COSHH Assessments and / or Method Statements?

  • In place?

  • Communicated to operatives?

  • MSK Confirmation sheets signed by all MSK operatives?

  • Risk Assessments Site Specific?

MSK Inductions

  • All MSK operatives and subcontractors inducted by MSK?

  • Induction register been signed?

  • Who and when was last entry?

Scope of Works

  • What is the Scope Of Works on the Project?

  • How many MSK men & what are the roles & responsibilities?

MSK Accident Book

  • In prominent position for all to see (blank forms only)?

  • Have all accidents been recorded?

  • All completed accident reports been sent to the MSK Head Office?

First Aid

  • Available?

  • Stocked?

  • Person responsible for replenishment (name)?

Toolbox Talks (TBT)

  • Done on a weekly basis?

  • All operatives signed the TBT confirmation sheet?

  • State last TBT and date.

Training Certificates

  • Copies in MSK site file?

  • All operatives?

  • Certificates in date?

Portable Electrical Tools / Equipment (PAT)

  • Electrical register in place?

  • All electrical items PAT tested (and in date)?

  • Electrical items tagged and in good order?

  • Which item is due for next PAT test and when?

Lighting / Temporary Electrics

  • Good condition?

  • Trailing of leads managed?

Small Tools and Equipment

  • Inspected monthly (written inspection)?

  • Recorded in register?

Plant Operators / Users of Machinery

  • Authorised by MSK?

  • Authorisation forms signed?

Lifting Equipment and Accessories

  • Test and examination certificates in place (in file)?
    Expiry dates ?

  • Inspected weekly and findings recorded in register?

  • Name Competent Person?

Passenger / Goods Hoist

  • Test and examination certificates in place?
    Expiry Date?

  • In good order?

  • Operated by competent and trained person?
    Names ?

  • Daily inspection register completed?

  • Weekly inspection register completed and up to date?

  • Date of last entry?

MSK Housekeeping / Material Storage

  • Adequate?

  • Site tidy?

  • Material and equipment stored safely?

  • Clean-up notices issued to trade contractors?

Welfare Facilities - Attach Photos

  • Clean, heated and well stocked?

  • Facilities monitoring sheets in place and up to date (signed off)?

  • Last inspected?

Vehicle and Pedestrian Access Routes

  • In place?

  • Adequate signage in place?

  • Good condition?

Safety Signage- Attach Photos

  • In place?

  • Prominent?

  • Maintained?

Fire Precautions - Attach Photos

  • Exit routes clear and unobstructed?

  • Exit signs in prominent positions and up to date?

  • Fire extinguishers inspected and recorded (weekly / daily)?

  • Clean and in date?

Flammable Liquid and / or Substances

  • Properly stored (where and how)?

  • Fire extinguishers (correct type) and signage present?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Being worn?

  • Correct for the tasks performed

  • Issued and signed for by operatives?

  • Date of last entry on PPE register?

Working At Height

  • Safe Systems of Work (SSoW) in place/ Risk Assessment site specific/ chin straps worn on gantry

Harnesses and Lanyards (Fall Arrest Equipment)

  • In good order? Trained to use ?

  • Fit for purpose?

  • Weekly checks and inspections done and recorded?

  • 6 monthly checks and inspections done and recorded?

Mobile Towers and / or Podium Steps

  • In good order? Pasma trained operatives names?

  • Scaff tags in place and completed?

  • Weekly inspections done and recorded in register?

Noise Issues

  • Identified?

  • Action needed or taken?

  • Assessment required?

Hand Arm Vibration (HAV)

  • Identified?

  • Action needed or taken?

  • Assessment required?


  • 12/24 Hours ?

  • Lone Working ?

  • Daily Log Checks up to Date?

Any Other Comments ?

  • Key Personnel -Name?

  • Issues Discussed ?

Allocation Sheets

  • Completed daily?

  • Kept in the MSK site file (filed)?

  • Archived 3 monthly?

Time Sheets

  • Completed weekly (and on time)?

  • Signed by Client's Commercial / Financial Manager?

Previous CM Inspection Reports

  • Have all actions from previous inspection report been actioned?

Positive / Additional Notes:


  • Contracts Manager

  • MSK Supervisor

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