Are Workers Using the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment?

  • - Shoes (slippers/sandals not allowed)

  • - High boots (if feet touch fertilizer)

  • - Gloves (if hands touch fertilizer)

  • - Safety goggle if calcium nitrate

  • - Dust masks (if excessive dust)

  • Is the floor in good condition, i.e. no large cracks, holes or drains?
    Any risks of flooding from heavy rains, clogged external drains?
    Any roof leaks during raining?

  • Is there any plastic layer or pallets on the floor to protect bottom bags?

  • Electrical equipment in good condition and not close to fertilizers?

  • Doors/windows closed to avoid humidity entering?

  • Bulk piles covered with tarpaulins to avoid humidity?

  • Stacks covered with tarpaulins to avoid dust on bags?

  • Any smoking inside warehouse? (check for cigarette butts)

  • Distance between stacks min 1m?

  • Stacks straight, safe and easy to count for stock count?

  • Within recommended height (max 35 bags high). Actual height = ____

  • Incompatible materials and forklifts at safe distance from fertilizers?
    (at least 5 meters from wood, plastics, fuel, grease, pesticides, acids)

  • Can housekeeping and handling be characterized as “good”?
    • clean and white bags
    • dry and clean floors (minimal dust)
    • no split bags with spillages
    • sweep up spillages regularly to avoid “melted” fertilizers and wet floors?
    • dolomite to dry floors? (sawdust not allowed because combustible material)

  • Are front loaders handling products correctly? (no driving/crushing of piles)

  • Forklifts inspected regularly?

  • Is there any evidence of water damage in any part of the warehouse?

  • Is there any risk of Heat source being in contact with the fertilizer

  • Are DG fertilizers e.g. potassium nitrate (oxidizer class 5.1 products) stored separately, located together and away from flammables and combustibles (wood, paper, diesel)?

  • Are spillage and reject fertilizers properly stored and labeled?

  • Are products handled
    “First in – First out” for deliveries?


  • Enough firewater with hose?

  • Extinguishers to put a small fire?

  • Fire brigade telephone available?

  • Are Hospital and Emergency Clinic Telephone numbers Available?

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