Title Page

  • Conducted on

  • Location
  • CSR

  • Application Trim

  • Inspected by

  • Type of plantation?

  • If already existing, how long?

Inspection Details

  • Photos

  • Type of vegetation being planted

  • Type of surface being used (Bark, stones etc)

  • Drawing of plantation

Insurance Details

  • Have the insurance papers been received?

  • Does the applicant have public liability insurance?

Conditions of plantation

  • Plants must be kept in a tidy state so as not to distract from the amenity of the area.

  • Clear continuous access of 1.8 meters be maintained for pedestrian access.

  • Plants not to grow above a height of 500mm from the ground.

  • No additional material be placed on the nature strip than was in place at the time of inspection.

  • Plants must not cause an obstruction to pedestrians or vehicular traffic.

  • Placement of stakes, rocks, hard structures and/or similar not permitted.

Permit application status

  • Approved / Declined

  • Officer Signiture

  • Select date

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