Merlin's Kingdom Structure Check

Ground Floor

Netting - free from tears and rips

Mini playcentre

soft play centre

Soft play element

Baby trampoline

6 leg-ball

Kids trampoline

Snake forest

Rainbow ramp

Spinning poles

Flap pad

Punching bag

Slim punching bag

Crocodile swamp

Spiral slide

half ramp

First Floor

Netting - free from tears and rips

Pine balls

Power tower

Triangular obstacles

Half sphere dome

Horizontal washers

Half ramps

Web adventure bridge

Slim punching bag

Second Floor

Netting - free from tears and rips

Punching bag

Tube crawl with plexi glass

Triangular peak obstacle

Elastic obstacles

Hump deck

Flap pads

General Checks

Is All Signage In Place & Visible

All Storage Area Gates Locked

All Emergency Zips Free From Obstructions & Work

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