ALC Weekly Fire Check

For Fire Exit Doors - Opens Freely, Clear, Correct Signage
For Internal Fire Doors - Opens Freely, Clear, Correct Signage, Fire Door Seal
For Fire Extinguisher - Sealed, In Position, Correct Signage, Clean & Dust Free

Fire Check Annotated.jpg

For Zone Cards - In Correct Area, Fixed To The Wall

Reception (reception toilets, reception, dm office)

Zone Card (behind reception)

Zone Card (in clip and climb)

Reception - 1x H20, 1x CO2 (Extinguisher)

Reception Automatic Doors (Fire Exit Doors)

Catering (cafe area and adventure play)

Zone Card (on outside of sales pod)

Zone Card (in the front lobby area)


Changing village

Zone Card (vanity area)

Zone Card (in shower area)

Pool area (main pool, learner pool, pool store 1, pool store 2, sauna, steam room, first aid, poolside spectators)

Zone Card (spectator viewing area)

Zone Card (fire exit)


Studio's (studio 1, 2, 3, staff office, ground floor disabled change and toielt)

Zone Card (outside admin office door)

Zone Card (Outside dm office)

Fire Extinguisher


Wetside plant

Zone Card (next to entrance door)


Fire exit

Signs - Permanently lit above fire exit door

Squash (squash 1, squash 2, female dry change, male dry change)

zone card (evacuation corridor)

zone card (Outside of spinning studio)

fire exits


fitness (gym, spinning, viewing gallery)

zone card (on pod)

zone card (spinning studio)

fire exits


Main hall (main hall, store 1, store 2)

zone card (next to fire exit steps)

zone card (next to entrance doors)

fire exits


Magnetic Locks / Releases.
Please review to Call Point Test Sheet In the Fire Folder

Further Comments / Information / Any Actions Needed

Select date

ALC Weekly Call Point Test

Phone Southern monitoring to set the alarms to test mode
Tel No: 0844 871 2223
Account number: 974622
Address: Andover Leisure Centre, West Street, SP10 1QP
Passcode: 9610

Work instruction required?

Call Point Work Instruction

Testing of call points WI.JPG

There is a new call point which is different to the others.

To set it off there is a black dot in the centre which when pushed will set the alarm off, it will click a little, then a new key which is attached to the old ones needs to be inserted into the red light which will put the plastic behind glass back in place (about quarter of a turn). Then re-set the panel as normal.

fire new build call points.PNG
Call Point Test
Select Call Point Tested

Audibility Results

Automatic Doors Open (Reception Door)

Magnetic Door Locks Release

Any Faults

Take A Picture Of The Fault

Contact Alarms & Electrical on 01380722248 to attend, investigate & repair accordingly. Raise a PO no. for the works to be done

Have you phoned Southern monitoring again to set the alarms back live, and to confirm the signal reached the monitoring station?
Tel No: 0844 871 2223
Account number: 974622
Address: Andover Leisure Centre, West Street, SP10 1QP
Passcode: 9610

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Fire Signs

Is it the first Thursday of the month?

DM Office - Blue fire door keep shut sign

Fire exit sign on the back of the dm office door

Fire exit sign on the wall in catering

Double fire exit doors out the back of catering with 2 blue circles and a lit fire exit sign above the doors

1 x Co2 & 1 x powder extinguisher

Blue circle on the double door out the back of catering

Sign stating to switch of the switches in the event of a fire with the switches situated below the sing

Pull pin fire alarm situated in catering

Catering 2 fire extinguishers one wet chemical and one carbon dioxide

Blue circle on the entrance door to catering

Fire exit above door in studio 2 inside

Studio 1 has a lit signed fire exit door

Studio 1 has a fire exit plan on the wall

Fire exit door in coffee lounge with a lit sign above

Fire exit door in female changing emergency exit only sign on the door

Fire exit sign above door in female change on exit

Fire exit sign on the right of the wall along the corridor

Fire exit sign on the right of the wall along the Corridor

Fire exit sign from ceiling in coffee lounge

Level 1 corridor fire exit sign on wall

Squash court 1 to the right has a fire exit sign

Double doors by viewing area 2 blue circles either side of both sets of doors either end

2 extinguishers in coffee lounge 1 x H20 1x Co2

Fire extinguisher by the gym office carbon dioxide

Extinguisher by the stairs in the ladies gym 1 x Co2

Exit of strength 2 blue circles

Fire extinguisher left of the door from strength

Fire exit sign on corridor and ceiling of gym corridor

Fire action sign and blue circle left of the lift in the gym

Strength double doors 2 blue circles

Fire exit sign on both sides of the wall after the double doors

Old entrance gym double doors blue circles

Extinguisher to the right of the door 1 x Co2

Fire exit sign above fire exit door in gym

Fire exit sign towards fire exit door on wall

Fire exit sign above double doors

Fire extinguisher gym corridor water

Fire exit sign hanging from ceiling in gym corridor

Fire extinguisher by the stairs H2O

Fire exit sign on stair wall

Fire exit sign by studio 2

Fire action sign by alarm button

1 x H20 by therapy

Gym entrance/exit door blue circle

Fire exit sign above gym door

Fire exit sign above double doors by gym stairs

Blue circles on double doors by gym stairs

Fire exit door under stairs with a fire exit sign and light up exit sign

Studio 4 2x blue circles on door

Blue circles on double doors by gym stairs

Outside DM office - Fire extinguisher sign - H2O

Merlins lit fire exit sign above double doors

Merlins fire exit sign and co2 extinguisher

Merlins other double doors fire exit sign above

Reception lit fire exit sign above entrance

Merlins blue fire exit circle

Creche door blue circle

Merlins far end right door blue cirlce

Corridor outside staff room fire exit green sign

Corridor outside staff room blue circles on double doors

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