Existing Waste Stream

Waste Stream (eg General Waste, Organics etc)

Collect type / Bin Size (eg 660l , 3m Front Lift etc)

Quantity of bins onsite

Available access times (eg 7am-5pm)

Frequency of Collection (eg 0= On Call ,1 = every week, 2 = every 2nd week, 6= every 6 weeks etc)
Scheduled Collection Day/Days


Please provide photos of existing bins showing access, bin type, castors and orientation or any other useful information

Opportunities / Optimisation

Waste streams not currently managed

Waste Stream (eg Medical Waste or Sharps, Sanitary Services, Batteries etc)

Estimate volume of waste

List possible collection type (eg 240l bin, 3m skip etc)

Improvements or optimisation that could be made to existing services

Type of improvement

Photo of existing signage

Suggestion for improvement


Suggestions for improvement

List the current frequency and the suggested frequency along with the benefits (eg General Waste Collection fortnightly on Tuesday with bin overflowing. Change schedule to Weekly on Tuesday and monitor

List the current collection type and the recommended change along with benefit (eg Current collection 660L collected weekly at 30% capacity. Change to 240l bin weekly on same schedule. This will provide more space in waste room for other services?

Audit Completion

Suez representative name

Suez representative signature

Customer representative name

Customer representative signature
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