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  • Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Tenant name

  • Address
  • Date of plan

  • Tenancy start date

  • Review date

  • Prepared by

  • Personnel

This is a confidential document

  • This means that the only people who have access to this information are you, our staff and other agencies on a 'need to know' basis. Also because of the terms of our contract we may share information with other statutory agencies such as Medway Council Supporting People Team. We will only share information without your consent if you or other people are at risk.

Data protection Act 1998 and Freedom of Information Act 2000 access to information

  • Information about you may be held on computer. Medway Council is a registered user under the Data Protection Act 1984. You have the right under this Act to access information about you held on computers. Under the Freedom of Information Act you may also have the right to access information held about you on files.
    Your information is always kept in a secure location. If you would like to see any information that is kept on files about you please contact a member of the Sheltered Housing team who will arrange this for you.

What is a support plan?

  • It will allow us to identify areas that you need help with, or are of concern to you. We will be able to provide you with the assistance you need to meet your goals. Your Scheme Manager will use the Support Plan to co-ordinate services to meet these needs.

Why do we think a support plan is important?

  • We want to improve our service to you, and ensure that you receive the highest standard of support. We will use the Support Plan to discuss with you your needs and record them in the Support Plan. We will then use the information to make sure, as far as possible, that your needs are addressed. If your Scheme Manger changes in the future or is away on leave, other staff can use the Support Plan to make sure your needs continue to be addressed.

What if your circumstances change?

  • We will review your Support Plan within a timescale agreed with you. We usually review support plans annually, although this depends on your needs. If your circumstances change we can agree to review the Support Plan sooner, you can ask us to review your Support Plan at any time. All reviews will be at a time and place convenient to you.

Scheme information

  • Check the following boxes to confirm the areas that have been explained

  • Daily contact from a scheme manager

  • 'No response' checks on property

  • Scheme Manager's role

  • Emergency alarm call

  • Smoke detectors

  • Fire alarm procedures

  • Door entry system

  • Repairs

  • Communal facilities

  • Laundry facilities

  • Bin area/refuse collections

  • Lift

  • Car parking

  • Motor scooter facilities

  • Guest room

  • Activities/social club

Risk Assessment

  • Does the client present a known risk to her/himself or others?

  • Mental health/neglect (self and/or home)

  • Abuse (physical, mental, financial, substance)

  • Physical safety or at risk form others

  • Suitability/location of furniture within the flat (risk of client getting trapped/burnt)

  • Cultural/social isolation (encourage and support any interest in hobbies)

  • PEP completed (tenant signed)

  • Add assessment of risk?

  • Assessment of risk

  • Action required

  • Low level risk - A low level risk would be one where no further action needs to be taken at the current time or an action needs to be noted for checking on the next visit. This would include incidents such as client describing loneliness or mild depression.

  • Medium level risk - This is where an action or incident is noted and discussed with the client and an action needs to be taken within a month of the assessment. Scheme Manager will check up on the client in one month. This would be an incident such as client advises they have considered using drugs or alcohol to ease their depression.

  • High level risk - if a client is identifies as high risk there will be immediate and urgent action to take. This will need to be dealt with as a priority and may include liaising with other agencies to enable risk to be reduced. For example the Scheme Manager discovers the client has tried to harm him/herself or take their own life.

  • Overall client risk rating

Health, safety and security risk assessment

  • This assessment is to ensure that the safety of the Scheme Manager and client is maintained whilst the support service is carried out.

  • Where is the support visit carried out

  • Is a joint visit required?

Benefits checklist

  • Please check the following boxes to show which benefits are currently being claimed.

  • Private pension

  • Housing Benefit

  • Supporting People Grant

  • State Retirement Grant

  • State Widows Benefit

  • Pension Credit

  • Job Seekers Allowance

  • Disability Living Allowance

  • State rate

  • Mobility

  • State rate

  • Attendance allowance

  • State rate

  • Incapacity benefit

  • Severe disablement

  • Carers allowance

  • Winter fuel payment

  • Other

  • Please state

  • Do you think you are receiving all your benefit entitlement?

  • Would you like appointment with a benefits advisor?

  • Comments

Support services contact details

  • GP name

  • GP address

  • GP contact details

  • Do you see a district nurse?

  • Nurse name

  • Nurse contact details

  • Do you have a care manager?

  • Care manager name

  • Care manager contact details

  • Do you access service through a home care agency

  • Days received

  • Agency address

  • Agency contact details

  • Do you receive a meal service?

  • Meal service provided by

  • Service contact details

  • Days received

  • Do you attend a day centre?

  • Centre attended

  • Centre contact details

  • Days attended

  • CPN

  • CPN location

  • CPN contact details

Support plan action plan and achievements

  • Target

  • Target date

  • Actions

  • Outcome

  • Enter another target?

  • Target

  • Target date

  • Actions

  • Outcome

  • Enter another target

  • Target

  • Target date

  • Action

  • Outcome

Changes to tenant's health and wellbeing

  • Date

  • Information to be updated

  • Scheme Manager's signature

Support plan agreement

  • This Support Plan details what I consider to be my main support needs and my individual risk assessment at the present time. I am signing this to say that I agree with its content. I also agree that Medway Council staff can exchange confidential information about me on a need to know basis to other agencies e.g. Doctors, Hospital staff, Social Services other Support Services, etc. and the Supporting People Administering authority.

    In order to ensure needs and support planning are client focused, it is your choice whether your support plan is reviewed on a 6 monthly or annual basis. Should your circumstances change in the interim, a review can be completed as necessary.

  • Support plan to be reviewed

  • Who will sign the agreement?

  • Client's signature

  • Advocate's name

  • Advocate's signature

  • Interviewing officer's signature

  • Client's comments

  • Scheme Manager's comments

  • Would client like a copy of this support plan?

  • Has tenancy audit been completed?

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