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1. Staff apperance

  • Staff appearance overall are in neat condition

  • Staff represent neat hairstyles.

  • Man must have clean-shaven mustache and women with natural make up.

  • MUST have stuff during working hours including Name Tag, 7D Glasses and Cloth.


  • Staff manners and behaviors must be at a high level of standard and represent good posture to the customers.

  • Staff were able to represent a pleasant environment in the shop.

  • Staff always find something to do ex.arranging display, tidying glasses, and cleaning shelves.

  • Talking to customers clearly. (Not too fast)


  • Staff opened hand instead of pointing when talking with customer.

  • Staff has good standing posture toward customer.

  • Staff has eyes contact with customer.

  • Staff using nice voice tone with customer.

  • Staff has smiley face toward customer.


  • Staff always ECHO when attending and greeting customer.

  • Staff approached customers within 10 seconds after entering the shop.

  • Introduced SEVEN DAYS OPTIC concept to customers

  • Staff asked questions to find out what the customer needs.

  • Staffs have closing speech before leaving.

4.1 First give a flyer to the customer with a simple introducing

  • Price system

  • 20-Mins Processing

  • Option lens +2,000 THB.


  • Staff approached customer within 2 minutes, can be changed accordingly to the situation.

  • Sharing information about the product with customers.

  • Comparing brand or material for alternative choice to the customer.

  • Find glasses or lenses to that match the need of customers.

  • Staff holding black tray or cloth while serving customer.

  • Staff demonstrated any lens tester to the customer.

  • Give directions to the customer to the next procedure.


  • Staff did explain about Hard-Multi Coating Lens. (Hard coating)

  • Multi Coating (anti-refraction, Less glaring, water repellent)

  • UV Protection (UV400)

  • Staff understand about Transitions Basic.

  • Staff understand about Transitions GEN8.

  • Staff understand about Color Lens.

  • Staff understand about UV420 Lens.

  • Staff understand about Polarized Lens.

  • Staff understand about Antifog Lens.

  • Staff understand about Progressive Lite.

  • Staff understand about Progressive Prestige Premium.

  • staff understands how to recommend type of frame to customer.

  • Staff knows the combinations lenses.


  • Staff knows any promotion.

  • Staff recommends customers about SEVEN DAYS OPTIC membership.


  • Staff fully understood SEVEN DAYS OPTIC membership system and registration process.

  • Staff did ask if the customers wearing contact lens and ask for their current glasses's prescription.

  • F.O.P. Process : Staff fully informed policy detail and give CX try on trial lens.

  • Offering special top up lenses/or suggesting OWNDAYS contact lenses to the customers.

  • Lens replacement: Fully explained lens replacement Terms&Conditions.

  • Lens replacement: Check frame condition carefully.

  • Lens replacement: Ask customers for the signature.

  • Staff ask the customers for additional documents such as Tax invoice, Insurance claim, etc.

  • Staff give a queue ticket and direction to the customer to the waiting area.


  • Repeated Frame model / frame color to customer.

  • Repeated prescription to customer.

  • Repeated lens type to customer.

  • Ask customers that they prefer paper bag or not.

  • Inform price clearly.

  • Inform discount amount.

  • Confirm total paid amount.

  • Inform customers about No Refunds policy.

  • Ask customer for payment method.

  • Receive cash or card with both hands.

  • Counte money more than 2 times in front of the customers before putting in the drawer or recheck customer signature both behind credit card and credit card slip

  • POS Operation (Correctly scan frame and lens)

  • POS Operation (Customer record and payment)

  • Staff give and inform customer's remaining points. and period for point can be used (2 years after purchase)

  • Staff confirm with the customers if they need additional document. (Tax invoice, Tax refund etc.)

  • Fold the warranty card in a proper way.

  • Inform collecting time and shop operation hours.

  • Sent envelope to the customer with both hands.


  • Ask if the glasses is correct ,check balance up side down.

  • Wipe the lens before passing the glasses to the customers.

  • Ask for the visibility after the customers try on glasses.


  • Front - Check balances (Staff did know how to check the balance of glasses. Check from pupil to upper rim of the frame)

  • Upper - Staff did know how to check the wrap angle and nose pad.

  • Side - Confirmation of inclination angle (Pantoscopic tilt), check the distance between eyes and lenses (Vertex distance) and end of tip cell.

  • Facing-down - Staff did check if the glasses would slide down while facing down.

  • Overall - Staff did ask if the customers need any adjustment or not.


  • Staff did ask the customers if they want to wear the glasses or keep it in the case.


  • Adjustment - Staff inform customers that the adjustment services is available at any OWNDAYS shop around the world.

  • Instructions - Staff did give a good instructions on keeping spectacles in proper way.

  • Warranty - Staff did explain F+L warranty informations clearly.

  • Exceed warranty - Staff did know which frame or condition doesn't cover by our warranty.

  • Staff tell the customers to scan QR code on warranty card to get more information.

  • Staff ask the customers to evaluate or criticize the service through various channels to get complimentary a lens spray.


  • Staff sent paper bag or all stuffs to the customers with both hands.

  • Staff are willing to send the customer out-of-store with pleasure moment and always say "Thank you" to the customers.

12. Phone Manner (Calling to the shop randomly)

  • Staff talk on the phone according to company standards.

  • Talking to customer clearly. (Not too fast)

  • Using pleasant voice tone during talk to customer.

  • Good point

  • Weak point

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  • Trainer

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