• NORTH 2

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Did all engineers confirm there attendance today?

  • If any engineer could not report for work today please detail the reasons why including name and tech code of engineer,

  • If required have you called capacity planning before 11:00 am to remove engineer from diary for next working day and made escalation TM aware of this?

  • What teams where you covering today?

  • How many post checks or onsite visits have you completed today?

  • If you did not complete 4 or more visits today what prevented you from doing this?

  • Where there any escalations or issues today? Please give details,

  • If yes, was Escalation team manager made aware of them?

  • Have you done anything else today that you feel has benefited the teams you where covering?

  • Please give a summary of your day


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