• Permit Verified?

  • Site notice posted at job-site in public view?

  • Concrete washout pit created and maintained regularly?

  • SWPPP: manual and plan on site in trailer

  • MS4 operator copied: permit and notice of intent

  • General housekeeping in order

  • Streets: swept,clean and in proper order

  • Construction entrance installed and maintained?

Erosion and sediment control measures

  • BMP'S implemented and maintained?

  • Silt Fencing installed and maintained?

  • Inlet protection installed and maintained?

  • Hydro-Seeding required on top soil untouched for more than 14 days

  • Hay bales,berms,dykes adequate?

  • Slopes adequately protected

  • Check dams adequate?

  • Sediment traps or basins adequate?

  • Diversion berms or ditches adequate?

Disturbed Areas

  • Evidence of disturbed areas?

  • Evidence of erosion "on" or "off" site?

  • BMP'S initiated to correct erosion ?

  • Topsoil managed properly? must have vegetation established in undisturbed for more than 14 days

Off site storm discharge

  • Adjacent creeks,ponds,lakes protected?

  • Strom sewer inlets properly protected?

  • Stream crossings protected?

  • Stream inlet turbidity in check?

  • Stream embankment protected?

Storage Areas and Pollution Protection

  • Materials properly labeled and maintained?

  • Any evidence of contaminated soil?

  • Temporary toilets in proper order?

  • On site fuel stored properly?

  • Fuel storage on site over 1320 gallons, SPCC Plan required

  • Fuel/Chemical storage properly maintained?

  • Fuel/Chemical spill plan in place

  • Solid Waste Handling properly maintained?

Changes to original SWPPP plan

  • Changes made to SWPPP Plan

  • Date and time of changes made to plan

  • Photos of erosion controls in place and or changes to original SWPPP plan

  • Date and time of rainfall event

  • Enter rain fall amount

  • Inspector Signature:

  • Superintendent Signature:

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