• Loss Prevention program/procedure audit

  • Store #

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Front End

Parking lot & outside appearance

  • Is there garbage visible in the parking lot?

  • Trash cans not too full with tops cleaned

  • Windows & doors ledges & glass cleaned

  • Only approved signs on top half of glass doors

  • ABC notice


  • Edges & corners clean

  • Entrances clean<br>Windows, garbage cans, doors, mats

  • No Perishable Go-Backs / sale able products in Checkstand

  • No personal items in checkstands ( purses, bags, wallets, consumables)

  • checkstands clean

Required postings

  • ABC posting

  • E-Verify posters

  • Prop 65 postings at checkstands<br>Prop 65 BPA warnings at checkstands

  • Unlawful tobacco sales warning<br>Posted at checkstands

  • Health inspections<br>Signs posted that inspections are available upon request/ recent inspections available

  • Recall notices<br>Posted with date product checked/ amt on hand/ initials of person verifying

  • USDA Foodstamps permit

  • Weights & measures certificate

  • Environmental health permit

  • Sellers permit

  • ABC license

  • ABC affidavits posting

  • Tobacco notice

  • License to sell nursery stock

  • Business license posted ( not at all locations)


  • office locked when not in use

  • Computer signed off when not in use

  • Safe balance?

  • Daily accounting items complete?

  • Mgr Overrides log current

  • Lost & found items handled properly

sales floor

  • video use signs in use<br>razors, liquor, energy drinks, family planning, allergy, batteries, DVDs

  • display signs all current

  • 1 aisle both sides no missing tags

  • floors clean <br>edges, corners, displays

  • Emergency exits clear & unobstructed & clearly marked

  • Emergency exit alarms functioning properly

Required postings

  • Prop 65 warnings acrylamide <br>Chips, cookies, crackers, cereal, coffee, potatoes

  • Fire escape routes

  • Servsafe certificates posted<br> 2 or more


  • doors clean<br>entrance doors, edges & corners

  • backroom organized & clean

  • credits & returns organized

  • backdoors closed/locked when not in use

  • walk ins organized shrink controlled

Required postings

  • Current labor posters

  • Payday notice completed

  • Wage order 7

  • Cal OSHA 300<br>Jan1 thru April 1

  • No person under 18 to use baler


  • restrooms clean

  • restroom checks completed 3x daily

Required postings

  • Employees must wash hands


  • janitorial supplies organized

  • floor machinery is clean & maintaned

  • clean cart in use fully stocked with required items

ICM Office

  • doors locked when not in use

  • computers signed off when not in use

  • GP tracking current with projections

  • daily batch audits complete

  • high shrink items audited daily/weekly

  • weekly shrink comparisons completed

  • weekly OOS scans completed & saved

  • test scanning current

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