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  • Do entrances have non slip strips and handrails?

  • Are entrances free of trip hazards?

  • Do all glass areas including windows and doors have decals or other visibility aids and in good condition?

Internal Areas:

  • Are floors, carpets and walkways or coverings in condition with no trip hazards?

  • Are heights (steps, ramps etc.) highlighted and illuminated?

  • Is there enough lighting for the store for customers and staff?

  • Have emergency lighting been provided in case of a blackout?

  • Does the store have an emergency flash light for the Fire Extinguisher placement?

  • Do all outlets and air-conditioning ducts have safety covers? Last service?

  • Are the air-conditioning ducts cleaned regularly?

  • Are ceiling signage attached properly?

  • Is all electrical equipment tested and on a register?

  • Does all electrical equipment have their own unique addresses?

  • Are all displays inherently safe i.e. no sharp edges, dangerous items, sturdy displays, locks on trolley wheels?

  • Are movable fixtures locked down at all times?

  • Are toilets inspected/cleaned at least hourly?

  • Are all lifts and escalators on a monthly service contract?

  • Are escalator/travellator precaution signs in place?

  • Are climbing walls in safe condition, well maintained and have safety signs fitted?

  • Are the harnesses and climbing gear regularly checked and placed in a register?

  • Are indemnity waivers and conditions of freezer, rain chamber and climbing walls displayed?

Safety & Security:

  • Have centre security been invited to make regular patrols of the store?

  • Are there regular Panic Button tests been run?

  • Security precautions in place for staff arriving/completing a late night shift?

Emergency Procedures:

  • Is there easy access by staff to the electrical board?<br>

  • Are there emergency exits signs? Illuminated and working?

  • Are all emergency exits kept clear for exit?

  • Are the emergency exit doors fitted with a push bar release?

  • Are fire evacuation procedures displayed for both store and centre?<br>

  • Do you have an evacuation meeting point?<br>

  • Are practice drills conducted at least twice a year?<br>

Fire Safety:

  • Is there a fire hose reel and/or fire extinguisher located in the store with adequate signage? Type & size of extinguisher?

  • Is fire extinguisher easily accessible and bracketed on the wall? <br>

  • Are the fire extinguishers/fire hose reels serviced annually?<br>

  • Have staff been nominated and appointed in writing as fire marshals?<br>

  • Have the duties of the fire marshals been communicated to all staff?<br>

  • Are emergency procedures covered in staff induction training?<br>

First Aid & Incident:

  • Have staff been nominated and trained as first aid aiders?<br>

  • Does the store have a complete first aid kit that is in a visible location?<br>

  • Is there a person responsible to ensure the first aid kit is stocked?<br>

  • Is there an incident management procedure including first aid, reporting and investigation?<br>

  • Have arrangements been made with staff where to seek medical treatment for injured customers?<br>

  • Is there a treatment register in the First Aid Kit?<br>

Ladder safety:

  • Have risk assessments been conducted for employees working at height?<br>

  • Are all ladders identified, inspected and on a register?<br>

  • Are team members using the ladders correctly?

  • Are the grip and hinges in safe use condition?


  • Are regular housekeeping/cleaning performance carried out?<br>

  • Has signs been provided for floor cleaning and spills? <br>

  • Are sufficient waste bins provided and cleaned internally?<br>

  • Do staff have appropriate cleaning equipment or know how to contact cleaners in the event of a spill?<br>

  • Are service corridors, loading docks and storage areas kept clear at all times?<br>

  • Are boxes stacked correctly (heavy at the bottom and light on top?

  • Are shelving packed at least 1.5 meter below the ceiling?

  • Is the store dust free and uncluttered?


  • Are there documented training records for all staff?<br>

  • Has training been delivered in any of the following:

  • Dealing with Armed Holdup, bomb threat or riots.<br>

  • Slips, trips and falls on stairs.<br>

  • Hazardous substances.<br>

  • Exposure to blood.<br>

  • Safety and Security.<br>

  • Hygiene and sanitation.<br>

  • Housekeeping.<br>


  • Are danger tags or do not operate tags available for broken equipment or appliances?<br>

Sign Off:

  • I, the accountable Manager / Department Coordinator, have considered the observations contained in this report, and have taken the steps indicated below to rectify the identified faults.

Risk & OHASA Representative :

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Area Leader

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Store Leader/Store Rep:

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