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Health & Safety Documentation

  • Does the company have a written health & safety policy statement?

  • Has the health & safety policy statement been reviewed and updated?

  • Is the health & safety policy statement signed and dated?

  • Is the health & safety policy statement prominently displayed in the workplace?

  • Are the employees aware of the contents of the health & safety policy statement?

  • Are the employees aware of their responsibilities towards health & safety?

  • Do arrangements exist to ensure that contractors/sub contractors are competent to undertake the work required?

  • Do arrangements exist to ensure that contractors are aware of the company health & safety policy and safe systems of work relevant to the performance of their work?

  • Do arrangements exist to ensure that contractors possess adequate liability insurance prior to work commencing?

  • How are visitors to the building controlled?

  • Are visitors inducted into the building?

  • Other Observations?

  • Actions required to rectify

Asbestos Management

  • Has the building got an asbestos register?

  • Is the register up to date?

  • Is the management plan up to date?

  • Other observations?

  • Actions required to rectify

Electrical Safety

  • Are there any broken plugs or outlets?

  • Are all fixed wiring installations inspected on a regular basis by a qualified and competent person?

  • Is there evidence of up to date Test & tag on electrical items?

  • Are there any extension leads across the floor?

  • Are there multiple double adaptors in a series?

  • Are there signs of overloading of power boards, power points?

  • Other Observations?

  • Actions required to rectify

Fire Control

  • Are fire extinguishers in place & signed?

  • Are fire extinguishers within service dates?

  • Are all fire/emergency exit signs in place?

  • Has there been a full fire evacuation in the last 12 months?

  • Are exits clear of obstructions?

  • Are all fire doors shut but not locked?

  • Is emergency lighting operable?

  • Are staff fire training records up to date?

  • Does fire equipment appear to be in good condition?

  • Other Observations?

  • Actions required to rectify

Walkways, Stairs and Ladders

  • Are floor areas clean, dry and free from slip/trip hazards?

  • Are walkways kept clear?

  • Are stairs in good condition?

  • Are handrails in place, where required?

  • Are portable ladders in good condition?

  • Are there work areas where fall protection is required?

  • Other Observations?

  • Actions required to rectify

Chemicals (Hazardous/Dangerous Substances)

  • Is there a Hazardous Substance register?

  • Is there access to MSDS for all chemical products used?

  • Have risk assessments been completed for hazardous substances?

  • Does the building have any showers?

  • Other Observations?

  • Actions required to rectify

First Aid/Accident Reporting & Investigations

  • Has an assessment been made to establish the first aid requirements for the company?

  • Is there a list of first aiders and emergency contact numbers displayed?

  • Is there a first aid kit/cabinet available and accessible?

  • Are employees aware of location of first aid kit?

  • Is the first aid kit adequately stocked?

  • Are first aid records kept?

  • Are detailed accident investigation records kept?

  • Have there been any reportable accidents recently?

  • Are there accident/incident/near miss reports?

  • Other Observations?

  • Actions required to rectify

General Housekeeping

  • Are work areas clear of rubbish?

  • Are items not in use stored appropriately?

  • Are bins full & overflowing?

  • Is there evidence of general clutter?

  • Other Observations?

  • Actions required to rectify

Office Safety

  • Are recorded risk assessments completed for workstations of display screen users?

  • Is there glare or reflections on computer screens?

  • Are work station layouts suitable?

  • Is lighting adequate for work tasks?

  • Are light fittings clean and in good condition?

  • Are diffuser covers in place and securely fixed where required?

  • Is furniture appropriate and sound?

  • Is air conditioning maintained?

  • Is the office clean and tidy?

  • Are floor coverings sound?

  • Is there adequate ventilation around photocopiers?

  • Other Obsevations?

  • Actions required to rectify


  • Are materials stored so they will not fall?

  • Are materials stored so that good manual handling practices can be applied, therefore safe retrieval?

  • Are storage racks/cupboards in sound condition, not overloaded?

  • Are racks free from projection, sharp edges?

  • Other Observations?

  • Actions required to rectify

Welfare Matters

  • Are toilets clean?

  • Are kitchen facilities/lunchrooms clean?

  • Is drinking water available?

  • Are there washing facilities?

  • Other Observations?

  • Actions required to rectify

Opportunity for Improvement

  • Corrective Actions

  • Signature of auditor

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