• OH&S Truck Inspection

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OH&S Truck Inspection Checklist

  • Inspection Date

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  • Truck Rego

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Safety Clothing

  • Was driver wearing a reflective top?

  • Was driver wearing gloves where applicable?

  • Was driver wearing appropriate items for sun protection (hat, sunglasses, shirt)?

  • Was driver wearing appropriate footwear (safety boots)?

Vehicle and Equipment Collection Operation

  • Was driver wearing appropriate fitted clothin (not too loose)?

  • Were Bayside Logos Affixed to Vehicle?

  • Was the rear white area clean?

  • Was the truck body clean?

  • Were beacon lamps operating during collection?

  • Was reverse alarm operating whilst truck reversing?

Collection Operation (new)

Collection Operation (old)

  • Was bin lifter in travel position?

  • Was lifting operation smooth (not awkward or throwing)?

  • Was the behaviour of driver/crew appropriate (no skylarking)?

  • Were all road rules observed?

  • Were all bins returned to nature strip (not left on roadway)?

  • Was bin returned to point of pick up or to adjacent nature strip if left on roadway (no "travelling")?

  • Was roadway left clear of litter (no spilt materials left on roadway)?

  • Were bin lids left closed?

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