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  • Check the stores action plan and incorporate the focus area into the verification check.


  • Is the Coordinator/Picker Model consistently in place?

  • Are enough Coordinators trained to allow best practice implementation and with adequate rotation across 7 days?

  • Are coordinators being rotated every 2 hours and is the roster in place?

  • Is COP being fully utilised when allocating orders?

  • Do all coordinators understand the redelivery process?

  • Is the Substitution Spot Check & Out Of Stock process being carried out correctly?

  • Is the Coordinator calling customers by exception?

  • Does the store have an escalation process if they aren't able to get the orders done in time?

Picking and Packing

  • Are all Pickers carrying out safe practices eg. crate/bag weights, lifting techniques?

  • Are minimum shelf life guides attached to each picking trolley?

  • Is there a generic user set up for bulk/trade orders?

  • Have all team members been taken through the “Proud Of Produce” training video? Has it been added to the skills matrix?

  • Are Pickers completing “Like for Like” subs at the pick as frequently as possible?

Staging, pickup and delivery

  • Is there correct pick up attendant app ownership and handover in place as determined by pick up staging location? e.g. Online vs Checkouts

  • Are Delivery, Pick Up, BYOB staging layout and processes optimised for end to end efficiency?

  • BYOB - Are team picking just in time for these orders? Are orange slips being used for these orders?

  • Do the drivers and online team appear to be working together? (Friendly environment, collaboration visible, alignment in goals)


  • Is the Online Roster effective across the 7 days? Right people, right place at the right time.

  • Is the Online Daily Service Plan in use in the department across 7 days?

  • Is the VMB updated with KPIs and are huddles taken 7 days a week with daily improvement actions recorded?

  • Are spot checks being completed within requirements? (1 per picker per month) Verify using the spot check tracker.

  • Is the Sequencing up to date? Spot check a few different bays.

  • Are the departments housekeeping upto standard and maintained?

  • Is the Online Skills Matrix in use? How is trainnig going for this store?

  • Does the Online Manager and CSM have a weekly catch up? Is there evidence of this?

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