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  • What are the Areas of Excellence?

  • What are the Areas of Improvement?

  • Where would the next accident happen (ask the Tech this question): Where, when, and doing what activity? (Note: FOCUS on Back & Knee Injuries.) Does the Tech have any ideas of how to prevent or reduce the likelihood of occurrence

EHS - Environmental Health & Safety

  • Wore seat belt and kept two hands on steering wheel while driving?

  • Service van backed into the driveway when conditions were favorable?

  • Can the Tech identify the Smith System 5-keys? (Aim High, Get the Big Picture, Keep Your Eyes Moving, Leave Yourself and Out, Make Sure They See You)

  • Did not make fast or sudden starts or stops while driving?

  • Is the front, rear, & side cargo areas free from loose cargo, tools, or debris?

  • When stopped, left appropriate space in front of vehicle? (Note: Wedge Method of seeing the back tires of the vehicle in front of you.)

  • ANSI Z87.1 Safety Glasses worn?

  • Cut resistant forearm sleeves were used while reaching into appliances beyond the wrist when cut hazards exists

  • Ergonomic assist devices were used to move appliances? (Examples: Pull Straps, Floor Slides, Oven Dolly, Agitator Strap, MW Lift Table, or Air Sled)? Coaching Tip: Always bend at the knees and deep the back in a neutral position as possible.)

  • Proper lifting techniques used for parts, boxes, laptop, and toll bag? Coaching Tip: Always bend at the knees and keep the back in a neutral position as possible.

  • Was the load (part/box) kept close to the body?

  • Knee pad, pocket kneeler, or pant knee inserts used during repairs?

  • Tech's tool box/bag weighs less than 20-lbs?

  • Rated (NFPA) electrical gloves/barriers used for live electrical diagnostics?

  • Capacitor discharged in the appliance used the electrical rated pliers?

  • Tech wore Yaktrax(R) in snow and ice conditions?

  • Tech used "3-points of contact" to enter-exit van, go up and down stairs inside/outside of consumer locations?

  • Can the Tech identify the 6-keys to LOTO? (Plan & Prepare, Shut Down Appliance, Isolate Appliance, Apply LOTO Device, Control (discharge) Stored Energy, & Verify Isolation (Test))

  • Did Tech know what type(s) and location(s) of energy isolating means?

  • Tech tested appliance to ensure energy is controlled and locked out? (Meter test and/or push buttons on control to verify.)

  • Does the authorized Tech able to review the sequence of controlling hazardous energy?

  • Does the Tech use the correct LOTO lock and tag (Red Lock & Tag)?

  • Did the audit reveal deviation from the written LOTO program/procedure?

  • Tech wore shade-3 tinted safety glasses while brazing?

  • Was the proper striker/ignitor used to light the torch? (Butane lighter is not permitted.)

  • Used welding blanket/metal heat shield while brazing and brought fire extinguisher in the house?

  • Tech aware of and fully understand Materials of Trade requirements?

  • Tech understand how to prepare & ship all used compressors and transmissions to the LDC (Bend/braze ends of copper tubing & place in plastic bag with adsorbent materials for shipping.)

Customer Service & QOS

  • Completed IVR or called customer directly and indicated accessibility of appliance & animals must be secured message?

  • Tech used good listening skills interacting with the consumer? Coaching Tip: please give feedback on improvement areas or have the CSM coach the Tech.

  • Overall is the Tech's customer service skill good? Coaching Tip: please give feedback on improvement areas or have the CSM coach the Tech.


  • Does the Tech use Crystal Ball two or more times per week Coaching Tip: Please contact CSM or Mike Alain for help.

  • Does the Tech use the Parts Intercept (PI) tool one or more times per week? Note: If not, please contact the CSM or Mike Alain for help.

  • Is the Tech comfortable with the new changes to Service Power? Note: If the Tech doesn't understand, please contact CSM for help.

Sales & Growth

  • Does the Tech look for additional service on other GE Appliances while on a service call?

  • Does the Tech offer Service Contracts to the consumer?

  • Does the Tech offer Water Filter(s) to the consumer?

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