• Business Name

  • Conducted on

Business Details

  • Inspection type:

  • Proprietor or Company Name

  • ABN

  • Business Trading Name

  • Business Premises Address

  • Business Postal Address (if different to above)

  • Business Contact Number

  • Business Contact Email

  • Business Representative Interviewed

Procedures Conducted on Premises

  • Type of procedure(s) undertaken at the premises

Cleanliness & Hygiene

  • Premises are clean and hygienic

  • Premises has a hand washing basin with a supply of clean, warm, potable water

  • Hand washing basin is equipped with soap and paper towels (or automatic hand dryer)

  • Hand washing basin is unobstructed and only used for hand washing

  • Premises has alcohol-based hand sanitiser available for use

  • Premises has a supply of single-use gloves, clean linens, and gowns or aprons appropriate for the procedures carried out

  • Is equipment used in skin penetration premises cleaned on the premises?

  • Is a separate sink available with clean, warm, potable water for the cleaning of equipment?

  • A waste disposal bin is available


  • Equipment is in good working order

  • Equipment is effectively cleaned and dried after use

  • Equipment is stored in a clean and dry condition

  • Are sharps in use at the premises?

  • Is a sharps bin available for sharps disposal that complies with either AS/NZS 4261-1994 (reusable) or AS/NZS 4031-1992 (non-reusable)?

  • Are needles used at the premises?

  • Is there an adequate supply of sterile, single-use needles?


  • Are reusable articles used to penetrate the skin in use at the premises?

  • Are reusable articles sterilised on-site or off-site?

  • An autoclave is in use for sterilising reusable articles?

  • The person undertaking the sterilisation is appropriately trained in the operation of the autoclave?

  • The autoclave is calbirated at least once every 12 months? (records available)

  • Are records of each sterilisation being kept for the last 12 months and are available for inspection?

  • Is the date and time the article was autoclaved recorded?

  • Is the length of time the article was autoclaved recorded?

  • Is the temperature and pressure level reached during autoclaving recorded?

  • Are records of the date on which articles were sent for sterilisation over the last 12 months being kept?

  • Are the contact details of the person or company who sterilised the articles recorded?

  • Are sterilisation reports being kept for the last 12 months and are available for inspection?

General Requirements for Procedures

  • Gloves are in use and changed after every procedure

  • A clean gown or apron is in use during the procedure (made of impermeable material if colonic lavage undertaken)

  • Needles are not re-used and are immediately disposed of after completing the procedure

  • Single-use sharps are immediately disposed of after completing the procedure

  • All articles are clean and sterilised, and stored in a sterile environment

Requirements for Specific Procedures

  • Is colonic lavage undertaken at the premises?

  • Is a toilet available for client use only and not the general public?

  • Is the procedure using a closed or open system?

  • The toilet is located close to the room in which the procedure is carried out

  • The toilet is located within the room and immediate area in which the procedure is carried out

  • Are inks or pigments in use at the premises?

  • Is the ink or pigment decanted into a single-use container for each procedure, applied with a single-use applicator, and then discarded after completing the procedure?

  • Is waxing undertaken at the premises?

  • Is the wax and spatula used in the procedure immediately disposed of after completing the procedure?


  • Further action required:

  • Business Representative Name

  • Business Representative Signature

  • Authorised Officer

  • Authorised Officer Signature

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