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OHS Document Review Checklist

Management Leadership and Commitment

  • Safety / Safety Culture Policy

  • Health and Safety Program Manual

  • Safety / Safety Culture Roles and Responsibilities

  • Safety Rules and WorkSafeBC Regulations

  • Safety Performance Documentation

  • Communication - H&S Meetings and Postings

  • Safety / Safety Culture Goals and Objectives

  • Safety / Safety Culture Tracking and Assessment

Hazard Identification and Control

  • Job Task Occupation List

  • Hazard Identification Documents

  • Hazard Risk Assessments

  • Training in Hazard Assessement

  • Safe Work Procedures (SOP / SWP / IRP)

Industry Specific Programs

Contractor Management

  • Contractor Safety Management Program

  • Pre bid Documentation, Qualification Records and Contracts

  • Contractor Safety Orientation Records

  • Safe Work Permits

Mobile Equipment

  • Employee Training Records

  • Safe Work Procedure for Mobile Equipment

  • Pre-use Inspections

  • Maintenance Programs

Confined Space

  • List of Confined Spaces

  • Confined Space Entry Program

  • Hazard Assessment completed

  • Confined Space Permits

  • Confined Space Training Records

Radiation Safety

  • Radiation Safety Program

  • Hazard Assessment - Radiation Sources

  • Radiation Emergency Procedure

  • Radiation Training Records

Fall Protection

  • Fall Protection Program

  • Hazard Assessment for Working at Heights

  • Working at Heights Permit

Toxic Gases - Industrial Safety Process Monitoring

  • Process Monitoring Program for Escaped Gas

  • Hazard Assessment for Gases and Monitoring

  • Gas Detection System - System Calibration Records

  • Emergency Procedures

WHIMIS Program

  • Hazard Assessment for Chemical Use

  • Inventory of Chemicals on Site

  • WHIMIS Training Records with WHIMIS GHS 2015

  • (M)SDS Sheets

  • Safe Work Procedures for or Include Chemical Use

Hearing Protection

  • Noise Surveys

  • Training on Noise Hazards

  • Policy on Using Hearing Protection

  • Audio Metric Screening Records

Musculoskeletal Injury Prevention

  • MSI Prevention Program

  • Hazard Identification - Risk Assessment Process

  • Work Recovery Cycles / Job Rotation

  • Safe Work Procedures Include MSI Prevention

  • MSI Training Records

Industrial Racking

  • Industrial Racking Program

  • Hazard Assessments for Industrial Racked Facilities

  • Manufacturers / Engineers Endorsement and Instructions

  • Swab Test Records

Lockout / De-Energization

  • Lockout / De-Energization Program

  • Lockout / De-Energization Training Records

  • Hazard Assessment include Lockout Awareness and Harmful Energy Mitigation

  • Safe Work / Lockout Procedures

Hot Work

  • Hot Work Safety Program

  • Hot Work Permits and Records

  • Hot Work Policy

  • Hot Work Procedure

Machine Safeguarding

  • Inventory of Safeguards

  • Hazard Assessments Include the Safeguarding of Machines

  • Policy on Safeguards

  • Safeguarding Procedures

Fixed Cranes and Hoists

  • Inventory of Cranes and Hoists

  • Policy on Cranes and Hoists

  • Crane and Hoist Procedures

  • Inspection Records

  • Crane and Hoist Training

Working Alone or in Isolation

  • Assessment of Employees Who Work Alone

  • Hazard Assessment for Working Alone

  • Working Alone Procedures and Records

Workplace Inspections

  • Formal Workplace Inspection Program

  • Workplace Inspection Records (Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Bi-Yearly, etc.)

  • JHSC Inspection Records

  • Pre-Shift Inspection Records

  • Hazard Report Cards / Forms

  • Spot Inspection Records

  • Critical Parts Inspection Records

Accident / Incident Investigations

  • Accident / Incident Inspection Program / Procedure

  • Accident / Incident Inspection Report Forms

  • Completed Accident / Incident Inspection Reports

  • Accident / Incident Inspection Training Records

  • WorkSafeBC Report Records

Training and Instructions

  • Safety Training Needs Analysis

  • New and Young Worker Orientation Records

  • Ongoing Safety Training

  • Job Specific Training Records

Health and Safety Program Administration

  • Annual Business Plan / Operational Development Captures Safety Initiatives and Planning

  • Health and Safety Records Management System

  • Legislated Safety Documentation - WCABC, OSHR, (0)SMDS, TDG, etc.)

  • Program Review - Summaries, Statistics, Trends, etc.)

  • Safety Culture Baseline and Systems Measurements

Joint Health and Safety Committee

  • JHSC Terms of Reference

  • Committee Member Training Records in Line with 8 Hours Per Year Requirements

  • JHSC Meeting Minutes

Emergency Preparation

  • Emergency Response Plan

  • Emergency Drill Records

  • Employee Training Records for Emergency Preparedness

IM / RTW (Return To Work) Document Review

Policy and Program

  • IM / RTW Policy Statement

  • Early Intervention Policy

  • Duties Assigned as Part of Early Intervention Program

  • Early Intervention Contact Personal Training

  • Written Policy and Procedures for IM / RTW Timelines

  • Written Process IM / RTW Plans

Resources, Education and Training

  • IM / RTW Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities

  • IM / RTW Coordinator Training and Education

  • Policy on Timelines for Document Retention

  • Education on Privacy Related to IM / RTW

Early Intervention and Return to Work

  • Early Intervention Policy

  • Duties Assigned as Part of Early Intervention

  • Early Intervention Contact Personnel Training / Knowledge

  • Written Policy and Procedure for Establishing Timelines for IM / RTW

  • Written Process IM / RTW Plans


  • Communication of IM / RTW Program to Employees

  • Communication of IM / RTW Program to Medical Proffesional

  • Communication of IM / RTW Program to WorkSafeBC

Endorsements and Additional Information

  • Please contact the Health and Safety Department with any questions or concerns regarding the OSSE Maintenance Audit.

  • Date and Time of Completed Audit

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  • OSSE Certified Auditor

  • Site Manager / Supervisor

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