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STATUTORY - Health & Safety Poster

  • Health & Safety poster on display in staff areas?


  • LOLER Insurance certificate/ safety certificate in date?

  • Remedial works logged with helpdesk?


  • FGas register in date (where applicable)

STATUTORY - Pressure Vessels

  • Insurance Inspection Certificate/Safety Certificate in date?

  • Remedial works logged on helpdesk?

STATUTORY - Electrical

  • PAT Certificate in date?

  • 5 Year Electrical Certificate in date?

  • 5 Yearly Electrical Inspection Remedials logged on helpdesk (C1/C2/C3)

  • Annual Emergency Lighting Certificate in date?

  • Annual Distribution Board Inspection Certificate in date?

  • Annual Lightning Certificate in date?

  • Annual Generator Inspection Certificate in date (where applicable)

STATUTORY- Water Hygiene

  • Legionella Risk Assessment in date?

  • Legionella Risk Assessment Review carried out?

  • Evidence of weekly flushing LUOs?

  • Annual CWS Tank Inspection and Clean carried out?

  • Evidence of tank temperatures taken?

STATUTORY - Gas Safety

  • Gas Safety Inspection in date

  • Gas Tightness Certificate in date

  • Oil Fired Boiler Safety Certificate in date?

  • Calorifiers Carcass Test Certificate in date?

  • LPG Safety Certificate in date (where applicable)?

STATUTORY - Fire Safety

  • Annual Fire Risk Assessment in date?

  • Fire Risk Assessment Review in date?

  • Fire Door Inspection carried out?

  • Annual Fire Alarm Inspection Certificate in date?

  • Annual Fire Extinguisher/Blanket Service Certificate in date?

  • Annual Kitchen Ductwork Clean carried out (where applicable)?

  • Annual Kitchen Fire Hood Inspection Certificate in date (where applicable)?

  • Annual Fire Damper Inspection Certificate in date (where applicable)?


  • In-date Energy Certificate on display (where applicable)?

6M Site PPM and Inspection

  • Help desk jobs outstanding?

  • AC Units service in date?

  • AC Units Remedials logged?

  • AHU ventilation checks in date?

  • AHU Remedials logged?

  • Quarterly generator inspection up to date (where applicable)?

  • Generators Remedials logged on helpdesk (where applicable)?

  • BMS fully operational and maintenance up to date?

  • BMS - no uncleared alarms?

  • Permit to Work access system in place?

  • Lift Alarm - check that alarm is in place and received?

  • Correct lift number in lift cab?

  • Lift Quarterly Service in date?

  • Gas quarterly PPM completed?

  • Outstanding Gas Quarterly Remedials logged?

  • Emergency Lighting Testing up to date?

  • Quarterly Fire Alarm inspection in date?

  • Quarterly Panic Alarm inspection in date (where applicable)?

  • Quarterly intruder alarm inspection in date (where applicable)?

  • Window Restrictors in place (where applicable)?

  • Window Restrictors Inspection in date (where applicable)?

  • Quartlerly Maintenance of TMV's complete?

Site Inspection

Internal Inspection

  • Decoration - Paintwork should be bright, co-ordinated and in good condition

  • Internal Fixtures and Fittings- should be free from scuffs/scratches/gouges/tears and stains should be easily removed by cleaning?

  • Any item that has an action ( automatic doors/taps/lights/etc) should be working correctly?

  • Toilets and bathrooms should have working locks?

  • Ceiling tiles should be in place and in good condition?

  • Floors should be free from tears/splits/excessive wear/tape/raised or lifting areas?

  • Flooring in dementia areas should be matt,non reflective, non patterned and noise absorbent?

  • Lighting where artificial should simulate natural light and provide enough light to make areas bright. Lamps should be working at all times.

  • Kitchen equipment should be at Condition B?

  • Toilets and bathroom - fixed equipment and flooring should be Condition B?

External Area Inspection

  • External brickwork should look clean and well maintained?

  • Gutters, down pipes and hoppers should be free from obstructions and vegetation?

  • Drainage pipe work should be secured?

  • Windows and frames should be clean and free from damage. Frames should be in good condition.

  • Grounds, roads and walkways should be well maintained, free from potholes and no uneven/loose paving slabs. Road markings should be clear. Where appropriate, kerbs should be adapted to facilitate wheelchair access.

  • Pedestrian areas should be well lit.

  • Roofs should be free from damage?

FM Comments

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