Site Access/Safety Station (tick as required()

  • Are the site contacts current and displayed?

  • Is the emergency plan current & displayed including the designated assemble areas?

  • Is there a current Vehicle Management Plan (VMP) available?

  • Fire extinguishers, first aid kits available?

Risk Management

Risk Management

  • Is the current JSEA on site and all workers have signed on and clearly understand the risks/controls?

  • Have the crew completed a site specific pre-start and is located at location of works?

  • Have all workers in the crew signed on to the site specific pre-start?

  • Can workers demonstrate the above the line controls for high risk activities e.g. people vs plant - provide an example?

  • Ias there a current & up to date Traffic Management Plan (TMP) in place?

  • Is there a need for a qualified STMS on site - if so check his qualifications and write his # down?

  • Are permits current and in place for high risk works e.g. Dig permit, Hot Works, Close Approach?

General Site Observations

General Site Observations

  • Are amenities clean and tidy, clean drinking water, hand sanitisers available, portaloos cleaned on a regular basis?

  • Are personnel undertaking good ergonomic practices; not over stretching or twisting body

  • Personnel wearing the minimum personal protective equipment/clothing e.g. Hard hat;safety lace up boots:safety eyewear;long pants and long sleeve shirts, clean and zipped up orange hi-vis vest (unless STMS) and carrying gloves for manual activity tasks

  • Additional PPE available for specialised activities e.g. Double eye protection for cutting or grinding, chaps etc.

  • Are tools and equipment in good condition, no cracked handles, if not tag out and remove from site immediately?

  • Are all electrical tools/equipment, leads, RCD devices being used currently tested and tagged by a competent person?

  • Are all leads off the ground and not causing a potential trip hazard?

  • Is the lifting equipment displaying a current test/tag?

  • Are harnesses/lanyards tested and tagged, showing no signs of deterioration and stored safely when not in use?

  • Workers understand the reporting protocols?



  • Do operators have valid licenses, e.g. Full drivers licence, WTR endorsed? Photo required.

  • Have operators completed a daily plant pre-checklist prior to operating the plant/equipment?

  • Have you observed operators, drivers of light vehicles and passengers wearing seatbelts in moving vehicles?

  • Is the plant/equipment displaying a Plant Inspection sticker?

  • Are vehicles parked safely e.g. not on a decline?

  • Are exclusion zones set up to protect people from plant e.g. Plant Operating Zone (POZ)?



  • Sediment controls in place and effective?

  • Spill kits available?

  • Is dust and noise being managed?

  • Are hazardous substances stored safely in bunded trays and containers labelled correctly?

  • Are the Safety Data Sheets available and current (within 5 years) and are crews aware of the control measures?

  • Are sediment ponds/exavations retaining water visible to the public fenced and signage displayed?

Critical Risk Non-Compliance

If any of the following safety critical areas are not compliant then work must stop until the issue is resolved. Please provide non-compliance brief description and how you mitigated the risk to prevent recurrence.

  • Permits not in place e.g Working at Heights, B4UDig, Confined Spaces, Hot Works etc.

  • Add media

  • Work Training Competencies - If any certificates are out of date or crew are undertaking work for which they hold no valid training qualification

  • Add media

  • Traffic Management Plan not being followed / members of the public safety at risk

  • Add media

  • Breach of JSEA or Safe Operating Procedures

  • Add media

  • Unsafe behaviour/act/conditions e.g. Horseplay, operating faulty machinery, disobeying site rules


Any other Actions/Recommendations

Positive Behaviours Identified

Sign Off

  • Site Representative Agreed Actions

  • Add signature

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