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Tools and Techniques / Visual Management

  • Relevant photos for the report

  • General notes

Tools and Techniques / Visual Management

  • RCPS Room

    RCPS Room
  • RCPS boards are up to date with relevant information on live RCAs

  • PM's Boards - look for evidence the A3 form is being marked off against recent dates for PMs

    PM Board
  • Check on each line that the PM's are up to date, according to the planner on each line. There are three boards in total

  • 1st Checks. Check 1st check cards are being filled out and placed at each line performance board

    First Check 1
  • Are all 1st checks up to date on each line?

  • Rosters

  • Are rosters up to date and displayed on the team boards? There is one board for each team, please check at least one of the three boards

  • Daily Production Meeting - in RCPS Room

  • DPM occurring daily with the board updated and actions captured

  • Shift Startup Meetings

  • Start up meetings are occurring on each shift and attendance is high. Check with an operator if meeting has occurred at the performance board

  • Line Board - Hourly OEE and Safety, Quality, Cost and Performance metrics

    Performance Board
  • Check at least two Line Boards for up to date information. Is hourly OEE recorded with comments and are all Safety, Quality, Cost and Performance slides updated


  • Relevant photos for the report

  • General notes

QUALITY - GFPS system followed to ensure quality is maintained at high standards

    Operators are following relevant guidelines that aim to maximize quality and are completing the necessary documentation

  • Visually check lines 1 and 4 fillers and rinsers for evidence of broken glass inside the assets. Did you find broken glass?

  • Have you had the conversation with the individual?

  • Check GFPS board next to packaging hall entrance

    no label
  • GFPS - Is the GFPS board up to date?

  • Are there any Critical Defects identified


  • Each line has colour coded cleaning equipment at designated locations. Check two of those locations anywhere in the packaging hall for availability and condition of the equipment is satisfactory

  • Are buckets emptied of dirty liquid

  • As you walk around, we're there any product spillages on the floor

  • Line 1 - General housekeeping in good condition?

  • Line 4 - General housekeeping in good condition?

  • Line 5 - General housekeeping in good condition?

5S - Sort Set in order Shine Standardize Sustain

  • Relevant photos for the report

  • General notes

Everything is in its place - observe as you walk around, you are not expected to check every instance

  • Are bins located in marked positions on the floor?

  • Are tools located where they belong, for example shadow boards or marked storage areas?

  • Are production materials located in marked or designated areas?

Pictures of 5S standards for an area are displayed. Check at least 2 areas in the packaging hall

  • Did you find the 5S standards for at least two areas when you looked for them

  • Which line or lines

  • Specific area description

  • Does the 5S standard document accurately reflect the area

  • Please write down what was the discrepancy

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