Product Details

Product Details

  • Aircraft type / Component description

  • Aircraft registration / Component part number

  • Aircraft / Component serial number

  • Aircraft / Component hours:

  • Aircraft / Component cycles:

  • Aircraft / Component landings

  • Job / Workorder number:

  • Workscope:

  • Certification release requested

General Requirements

Privileges of the organisation

  • 145.A.75(a). Is the aircraft / component being maintained at an approved location identified in the approval certificate and in the exposition?

Maintenance organisation exposition

  • 145.A.70(a)6. Does the exposition contain a list of certifying staff and support staff?

  • 145.A.70(a)9. Does the organisations scope of work include the aircraft / aircraft component under going maintenance?

Facility requirements

  • 145.A.25 (a) 1. For base maintenance of aircraft , are aircraft hangars available that are large enough to accommodate the aircraft?

  • 145.A.25 (a) 2. For components are workshops large enough to accommodate the components under going maintenance?

  • 145.A.25 (b). Is office accommodation provided for the management of the planned work and for certifying staff to carry out their designated tasks in a manner that contributes to good aircraft maintenance standards?

  • 145.A.25 (c). Is the working environment appropriate for the tasks being performed?

General Requirements 2

Maintenance data

  • 145.A.45 (a). Is the applicable current maintenance data required for the performance of maintenance, including modifications and repairs available?

  • "Applicable" means relevant to any aircraft, component or process specified in the organisation's approval class rating schedule and in any associated capability list.

Safety and quality policy, maintenance procedures and quality system

  • 145.A.65 (b). Is there a clear work order or contract in place ?

Limitations on the organisation

  • 145.A.80. Has the organisation only maintained an aircraft or component for which it is approved when all the necessary facilities, equipment, tooling, material, maintenance data and certifying staff are available?

Personnel requirements

  • 145.A.30 (d). Does the maintenance man-hour plan show that the organisation has sufficient staff to plan, perform, supervise and inspect the aircraft / component undergoing maintenance?

  • 145.A.30(e). Has the organisation established and controls the competence of personnel involved in any maintenance, management and/or quality audits in accordance with a procedure and to a standard agreed by the competent authority?

  • 145.A.30(e). In addition to the necessary expertise related to the job function, does the competence include an understanding of the application of human factors and human performance issues appropriate to that person's function in the organisation?

General Requirements 3

Personnel requirements

  • 145.A.30(f) Has the organisation ensured that personnel who carry out or control a continued-airworthiness non- destructive test of aircraft structures or components, or both, are appropriately qualified for the particular non- destructive test in accordance with the European or equivalent standard recognised by the Agency and are personnel who carry out any other specialised task appropriately qualified in accordance with officially recognised standards?

  • By derogation from this point, personnel referred to in point (g), points (h)(1) and (h)(2), qualified in category B1, B3 or L in accordance with Annex III (Part-66), may carry out and/or control colour contrast dye penetrant tests.

  • 145.A.30(g) Has the organisation when maintaining aircraft, except where stated otherwise in point (j), has in the case of aircraft line maintenance, have appropriate aircraft-rated certifying staff qualified as category B1, B2, B2L, B3 and L, as appropriate, in accordance with Annex III (Part-66) and point 145.A.35?

  • In addition such organisations may also use appropriately task-trained certifying staff holding the privileges set out in points 66.A.20(a)(1) and 66.A.20(a)(3)(ii) and qualified in accordance with Annex III (Part-66) and point 145.A.35 to carry out minor scheduled line maintenance and simple defect rectification. The availability of such certifying staff shall not replace the need for category B1, B2, B2L, B3 and L certifying staff, as appropriate.

Production planning

  • 145.A.47(a). Has the organisation ensured that all necessary personnel, tools, equipment, material, maintenance data and facilities are available to ensure the safe completion of the maintenance work?

  • 145.A.47(b). Has the planning of maintenance tasks and the organisation of shifts taken into account human performance limitations?

  • 145.A.47(c). When it is required to hand over the continuation or completion of maintenance tasks for reasons of a shift or personnel changeover has relevant information been adequately communicated between outgoing and incoming personnel?

Workpack Audit

Maintenance records

  • 145.A.55 (c). Does the work pack identify the aircraft /component by registration / part number / serial number?

  • 145.A.50 (a). Does the work pack identify the scope of work required?

  • 145.A.50 (a). Are the certifying signatures / initials identifiable?

  • 145.A.55 (a). Is the workpack complete?

  • 145.A.45 (e). Are there detailed references to approved data and does it include revision status?

  • 145.A.45(g). Is the approved data at the latest revision status?

  • 145.A.45(f). Where access to approved data is by subscription, is the subscription up to date?

  • 145.A.45(g). Where approved data has been provided by the customer does the organisation have a statement that all such maintenance data is up to date or it has work orders specifying the amendment status of the maintenance data to be used or it can show that it is on the operator/customer maintenance data amendment list?

  • 145.A.45(a). Where approved data has been provided by a customer has it been returned or destroyed after use?

  • 145.A.50 Are parts used identified by part number, serial number and batch number as applicable?

  • 145.A.55 (a). Does the workpack include copies of the components certification paperwork?


  • Contracted organisations used

  • Are contracted organisations listed in the exposition or a separate register referred to in the exposition?

  • Have contracted organisations been assessed in accordance with an approved procedure in the exposition?

  • Have contracted organisations been reassessed periodically in accordance with an approved procedure in the exposition?


  • Sub-contractors used

  • Does the work pack contain copies of release documentation provided by sub-contractors?

  • Are sub-contractors used listed in the exposition or a separate register referred to in the exposition?

  • Have sub-contractors used been assessed in accordance with an approved procedure in the exposition?

  • Have sub-contractors been subject to regular on-site audits?

  • Has the performance of sub-contractors been monitored?

Workpack Audit 2

Maintenance records

  • 145.A.55 (a). Are consumable items such as greases and lubricants recorded in the work pack?

  • 145.A.50 (b) & AMC 145.A.50 (b) 5. Where repair work has been performed in accordance with the SRM or other approved data involving the removal of material, have any dimensional limits and removed material been recorded?

  • 145.A.48 (d). Has damage been assessed and modifications and repairs carried out using data specified in point M.A.304?

  • 145.A.50 (c). Have any non completed tasks been cancelled appropriately?

  • 145.A.55 (a). Have all non applicable tasks been signed / initialled as appropriate?

  • 145.A.65 (b) 3. Have all critical tasks been identified and certified appropriately?

  • 145.A.48 (b). Have any errors identified during the performance of any critical maintenance task been captured in accordance with an MOE procedure?

Workpack Audit 3

Maintenance records

  • 145.A.65 (b) 3. Have all independent inspections been identified and certified appropriately?

  • 145.A.55 (c). Is there a copy of an appropriate release to service, Form 1 for a component, a base maintenance CRS or an appropriate tech log entry?

  • 145.A.50 (c). As the appropriate release to service been certified by an appropriately authorised person?

  • 145.A.48 (a). Does the work pack include a general verification to ensure the aircraft or component is clear of all tools, equipment and any other extraneous parts and material and that all access panels removed have been refitted?

Occurrence reporting

  • 145.A.60 (a). Has the organisation reported to the competent authority, the state of registry and the organisation responsible for the design of the aircraft or component any condition of the aircraft or component identified by the organisation that has resulted or may result in an unsafe condition that hazards seriously the flight safety?

  • 145.A.60 (c). Has the organisation made such reports in a Form and manner established by the Agency and ensured that they contain all pertinent information about the condition and evaluation results known to the organisation?

  • 145.A.60 (d). When the organisation is contracted by a commercial operator to carry out maintenance, has the organisation reported to the operator any such conditions affecting the operator's aircraft or component?

  • 145.A.60 (e). Has the organisation produced and submitted such reports as soon as practicable but in any case within 72 hours of the organisation identifying the condition to which the report relates?

Tooling Used

Tooling Reviewed

  • List tooling reviewed

  • Calibrating Organisation(s)

  • AMC 145.A.40(b) 1. Do all the calibrated tools have label attached that identifies when calibration is next due?

  • AMC 145.A.40 (b) 1. Is there a calibration certificate for each piece of tooling?

  • 145.A.40 (b). Is the tooling calibration traceable to an appropriate standard?

  • AMC 145.A.40 (b) 1. Where an error has been reported has this information been provided to the uses?

  • 145.A.40 (b). Does the organisation have a procedure for the control of calibrated tooling?

Alternative tooling

  • Details of alternative tooling reviewed

  • Is alternative tooling registered?

  • Has alternative tooling been assessed?

Parts Used

Parts Used Reviewed

  • List parts reviewed

  • 145.A.42. Have the parts been through a goods inwards procedure?

  • 145.A.55(a) & GM 145.A.55(a) 1. Have parts been issued with a batch / GRN?

  • 145.A.42(a) 1. Do the parts have an appropriate certification documentation?

  • M.A.501(a). Have only components been fitted that are in a satisfactory condition, have been appropriately released to service on an Form 1 or equivalent and that has been marked in accordance with Annex I (Part-21), Subpart Q?

  • M.A.501(c). Have standard parts only been fitted to an aircraft or a component when the maintenance data specifies the particular standard part and the standard parts are only fitted when accompanied by evidence of conformity traceable to the applicable standard?

  • 145.A.42(b). Are parts specified in the approved data?

  • M.A.501(d). Is material either raw or consumable only used on an aircraft or component when the aircraft or component manufacturer states so in relevant maintenance data or as specified in Annex II (Part-145)?

  • Has raw material been verified to meet the necessary standard by independent testing?

  • Have parts procured been obtained from a supplier on the approved supplier list?

  • Have suppliers been appropriately assessed before being added to the approved suppliers list?

  • Has the supplier been monitored for performance and when necessary has action been taken to address any issues?

Staff and support staff

Certifying staff and support staff

  • List staff reviewed

  • M.A.402(a). Has all maintenance been performed by qualified personnel?

  • 145.A.35(a). Has the organisation ensured that certifying staff and support staff have an adequate understanding of the relevant aircraft and/or components to be maintained together with the associated organisation procedures?

  • 145.A.35(a). In the case of certifying staff, has this assessment been accomplished before the issue or reissue of the certification authorisation?

  • 145.A.35(b). Has the organisation only issued a certification authorisation to certifying staff in relation to the basic categories or subcategories and any type rating listed on the aircraft maintenance licence as required by Annex III (Part-66), subject to the licence remaining valid throughout the validity period of the authorisation and the certifying staff remaining in compliance with Annex III (Part-66)?

  • 145.A.35(c). Has the organisation ensured that certifying staff and support staff are involved in at least 6 months of actual relevant aircraft or component maintenance experience in any consecutive 2-year period?

  • 145.A.35(d). Has the organisation ensured that certifying staff and support staff receive sufficient continuation training in each two year period to ensure that such staff have up-to-date knowledge of relevant technology, organisation procedures and human factors issues?

  • 145.A.35(g). Has the organisation issued a certification authorisation that clearly specifies the scope and limits of such authorisation and continued validity of the certification authorisation is dependent upon continued compliance with paragraphs (a), (b), (d) and where applicable, paragraph (c)?

  • 145.A.35(h). Is the certification authorisation in a style that makes its scope clear to the certifying staff and any authorised person who may require to examine the authorisation and where codes are used to define scope, has the organisation ensured a code translation is readily available?

Aircraft certifiers not holding a Part 66 licence

  • Non Part 66 licence holders reviewed

  • Where the certifier holds a national licence has it been assessed as being ICAO compliant?

  • Where a certifier holds a national licence has the certifier received training to address the differences between the national licence and the Part 66 licence requirements?

Staff and support staff 2

  • 145.A.35(j). Does the organisation maintain a record of certifying staff and support staff, which contains the following?

  • 1. the details of any aircraft maintenance licence held under Annex III (Part-66); and

  • 2. all relevant training completed; and

  • 3. the scope of the certification authorisation issued, where relevant; and

  • 4. particulars of staff with limited or one-off certification authorisations.

  • 145.A.35(k). Has the organisation provided certifying staff with a copy of their certification authorisation in either a documented or electronic format?

  • 145.A.35(i). Can certifying staff produce their certification authorisation within 24 hours?

  • 145.A.35(m). Are certifying staff and support staff at least 21 years of age?

Procedures Reviewed

Procedures Reviewed

  • Procedures Reviewed

Auditors Comments

  • Auditors Comments

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