Scoring: 1= Very Poor; 2= Poor; 3= Fair; 4= Good; 5= Very Good

1. How would you rate the communication between you, your nurse, doctor, or others? How have we kept you informed/involved with your care?

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2. How has your pain ben managed? What is your pain rated now? What is your pain goal? Is the pain box in use & currently updated?

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3. How have we satisfied your personal needs? Is the Guest Service book within patient's reach?

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4. How has our timeliness & friendliness been with regard to the call light? Press the call button & time how long it takes to be answered. Ask for help in the room. See how long it takes RN,CNA to respond.

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5. How would you rate the care we have given you?

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6. What can we do to provide you with level 5 care?

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