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Clearing and Grubbing

  • Where trees were designated for removal, have roots been grubbed and disturbed area reinstated?


  • Have compaction tests been submitted for filled areas?

  • Have all areas of disturbance been topsoiled and seeded?

  • Have batter slopes been left in a state that is erosion resistant and stable?

Storm Water Drainage

  • Have pits been constructed in accordance with MPS standards (with regards to throats, step irons and rendering)?

  • Have pit lids and frames been installed correctly and are functional?

  • Have drainage pipes been constructed in accordance with MPS standards (with regards to alignment, jointing and pipe condition)?

  • Are all pits free from sediment?

Service Authority Assets

  • Are all service authority pits levelled to match existing ground level?

  • Have hydrant marker posts and pavement markers been installed?

  • Has street lighting been installed?

Kerb and Channel

  • Does kerb and channel comply with MPS standards (with regards to cracks, chips and profile)?

  • Has the kerb face been marked for service conduit locations?


  • Have all footpaths and vehicle crossings been constructed in accordance with MPS standards (regarding cracks, finishing and joint spacing)?

Road Pavement

  • Have satisfactory density tests been submitted (95% standard sub grade, 95% modified sub base and 97% modified base course)?

Nature Strips

  • Have nature strips been left free of debris and conduction material?

  • Have nature strips been seeded and achieved coverage in accordance with MPS standards?


  • Have satisfactory core tests been received?

  • Is the finished surface in accordance with design cross sections and free from low points?

  • Is the asphalt finish tightly bound with binder (free from bony areas)?

  • Have all cracks been sealed?


  • Have landscaping works been carried out in conjunction with the approved landscaping plan?

  • Are reserve areas level with batters no steeper than 1 in 5?

Traffic Management

  • Has street signage and traffic control signage been installed?

  • Has line marking been installed in accordance with approved plans?


  • Details of any other outstanding defects not covered by the checklist

  • Photos of any other outstanding debts not covered by the checklist

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