• Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

General Information

  • Type of inspection?

  • Inspection start time?

  • Present phase of construction?

  • Site Information

  • Overview Photo

Weather Information

  • Has it Rained since the last inspection?

  • If yes, provide:

  • Approximate Rainfall (in):

  • Weather at time of inspection?

  • Do you suspect that discharges have occurred since the last inspection?

  • Are there no discharges at the time of inspection?

BMPs inspection

Perimeter Erosion Control

  • Are perimeter fence in good condition?

Resource Consumption Control

  • Are lights turn off during break time?

Stormwater Erosion / Sediment Control

  • Tidy and clean vehicles when left site

  • Sediment traps in good condition

  • Gutters are clean from debris

  • Are concrete spill not affect stormwater channel?

Dust and air pollution control

  • Clean and tidy site

  • Road is clean by regular swept

  • Vehicles are turn off idle

Construction Waste Management

  • Enough waste bins on site

  • Maintain good housekeeping by keep trash bin not overflowing?

Storage of fuels & Chemicals on site

  • Fuel storage condition

  • No spill sighted?

  • Restrict area with hazardous materials?


  • Inspector

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