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  • Area

  • Conducted on

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Grease Pumps

  • Area owner

  • Condition- Are the pumps in working order

  • Location- Are the pumps stored in the correct location

Oil Stations

  • Area owner

  • Are spill kits available and stocked?

  • Condition of the station- Overall area

  • Hose Conditions- In working order?

  • Attachments- in working order and stored correctly

  • Excess items- Have excess items in the area been removed

Oil Trolleys

  • Condition- Are they kept in working order? Are they being drained after use?

  • Location- Are they stored in the allocated area?


  • Condition- Are the pathways in the area clearly defined? Clearly marked?

  • Area pathways kept clear of obstacles

Tool Boxes

  • Do toolboxes have audit sheets? If yes, are they up to date?

  • Condition- Are toolboxes fully stocked? If no, has a missing tool form been completed

  • Location- Are toolboxes stored in allocated areas at the end of each shift?

Lifting Equipment

  • Condition- Is all lifting gear in working order? Eg, test and tagged

  • Storage- Is the lifting gear being stored correctly

  • Condition of area- Have all excess items been removed from the area?

WAH Equipment

  • Condition of equipment- In working order? routine inspection completed?

  • Location- Is WAH equipment stored in allocated area?

  • Condition of storage area- Have all excess items been removed from the area?

Chemical cabinet & Gas storage

  • Condition- Storage cabinet clearly marked and accessible?

  • Correct labels- Are all chemicals clearly labeled with MSDS available?

  • Gas bottle storage- Are gas bottles kept in allocated racks and stored correctly?

  • Are Gas bottles stored in an allocated area?

  • Are gas bottle trolleys in working order?

Miscellaneous tools

  • Location- Stored in a clearly marked location

  • Condition- In working order?

  • Routine inspections visualised? (if required)

General Business

  • Any general business?

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