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  • 1.1 - Has the last inspection been reviewed?

  • 1.2 - There are no outstanding actions from previous inspections?

A: Safe Working Loads

  • A.1 - Are the safe working loads displayed?

B: Uprights and Upright Protectors

  • B.1 - Uprights bolted to the floor and secure?

  • B.2 - Are the uprights straight (not bent)?

  • B.4 - Uprights are in good condition not cracked / split?

  • B.5 - Upright protectors are in good condition, not damaged (if applicable)?

  • B.6 - Are the upright protectors secured?

C: Splices

  • C.1 - Are the splices in good condition?

D: Out of plumb racking

  • D.1 - Does the racking appear to be plumb?

E. Braces

  • E.1 - No bent / damaged braces?

F: Floor Fixing

  • F.1 - Are the floor fixings installed?

  • F.2 - Floor fixings are not damaged?

G: Beams

  • G.1 - Beams are not overloaded?

  • G.2 - Beams are not damaged / bent?

  • G.3 - Beam connectors / safety clips fitted?

  • G.4 - Beams in place (not 'popped' out of uprights)?

  • G.5 - Welds are not damaged?

  • G.6 - There are no overhanging pallets?

H: Leg protectors

  • H.1 - Are they fitted?

  • H.2 - Are they in good condition?

I: Pallets

  • I.1 - There are no missing pallet corner blocks?

  • I.2 - There are no missing or broken pallet slats?

  • I.3 - There are no pallets bowing / sagging due to weight?

Assistance Photo's

  • A - Example of Safe Working Load Sign

  • B - Upright

  • C - Splices

  • D - Out of Plumb Racking

  • E - Braces

  • F - Floor Fixing

    Floor Fixing.png
  • G - Beams

  • H - Leg Protectors

    Leg Protectors.png
  • I - Pallets


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