Mile Marker 1 - Verification Questions & Responses

  • Line 1.0
    Can the site demonstrate that all TM's who operate PIT's have received, classroom, and practical elements, their training is certified and authorized by a competent trainer. Select a number of TM's and verify this training has been completed and is validated.

  • Line 1.1
    Site has assessed the use of its PIT's and identified the areas they operate in, and has confirmed they have the correct PIT's for its work loads and areas.

  • Line 1.2
    Can the site demonstrate that pre-use inspections of PIT's are completed and documented prior to each days use?

  • Line 1.3
    Can the site demonstrate that PIT's which fail their pre-use inspections are taken out of service and the TM can verbally demonstrate this.

  • Line 1.4
    Site can demonstrate a consistent use of seat belts use by PIT operators when operating them.

  • Line 1.5
    The site can demonstrate the use of either dock-locks, chocks or similar equipment when loading and unloading trucks?
    Are TMs not placing their hands on parts to turn, or support loads - DON'T TOUCH = No Tag lines

  • Line 1.6
    Can the site demonstrate that all sit down PIT's are equipped with seat belts?

  • Line 1.7
    Can the site demonstrate that all PIT's are equipped with back up warning devices and horns?

  • Line 1.8
    Can the site demonstrate that all PIT's are equipped with roll over protection?

  • Line 1.9
    Can the site demonstrate that all PIT's are equipped with directional lighting when used in dark environments?

  • Has the facility/location demonstrated that it meets the requirements of the line items for the S.I.F. PIT RM?

  • The facility/location CAN claim MM1 for this RM

  • The facility/location CAN NOT claim MM1 for this RM

  • Date & Time of completed SIF RMVP

  • Signature of TM completing Verification

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