• Is the log book and Pre-Start up to date?

  • Is the earth lead connected correctly?

  • No recorded faults not fixed

  • Is test and tag current

  • Fire extinguisher attached and in code

  • Is the unit in good condition (leaks,exhaust)

  • Are whip checks in place

  • Are minsup clips in place.

  • Is hand brake applied.

  • Is towing coupling in good condition.

  • Other


  • Log book and Pre-Start completed

  • Are 3month and Annual Certs current.

  • Is the unit in good condition/with no damage.

  • Are warning devices operational on unit.

  • Are controls clear and in good working order.

  • Are the tyres in good condition.

  • Are shear bolts in good condition

  • Is compliance plate attached and readable.


  • Log book and Pre-Start completed.

  • Annual and BiAnnual certificate current.

  • Compliance plate attached and readable.

  • First Aid Kit in stock.

  • Crane configuration compliant

  • Access and Egress safe

  • Are seat belts in good condition and working.

  • Is unit in good condition.


  • Is cradle in good condition and test and tag current.

  • Are flashback arresters fitted to both ends of hoses.

  • Are the hoses in good condition.

  • Is there a Fire extinguisher in area.

  • Are gauges in good condition.


  • Are tools safe for use

  • Test and Tag current.

  • Are tools in good condition.

  • Is grinding disc in good condition.

  • Are guards fitted to tool.

  • Is deadman switch fitted and working.


  • Are wheel nut indicators fitted.

  • Is a spare tyre present and in good condition.

  • Is the vehicle in good condition.

  • Is the vehicle site compliant.

  • Is the vehicle ID visable.

  • Has vehicle Pre-Start been completed.


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