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  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Manager SIgn-Off

Plant CI Manager LSW


  • Participate in as well as Audit Tier 2 meetings per Standard Work (Action based mtg using Problem Solving)

  • Audit Leader Std Work for Plant Management to make sure it's being fill-out, posted and reviewed per std. work.

  • Walk the floor and audit lines per Supervisor - Line Audit - SWIS


  • Attend CI weekly meeting

  • Review CI A3

  • Audit One Tier 1 Meeting per Std Work

  • Verify that Plant Management is reviewing, updating and posting (in T2 room) their Top3 A3's


  • Complete 4 SBO

  • Complete Monthly OEE

  • Complete 6S Event

  • Conduct one Shopfloor Kaizen

  • Audit one sub-section of the PEPS - CI element


  • Verify that three Top3 A3's have created (per std work), loaded into Teams, and then added to the BU's respective Summary file in Teams as well.

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