• Tower for damage

  • Tower bolts,pins etc are secure

  • That slew ring bolts are secure

  • Wire ropes for defects: rust, kinks wear, fraying

  • Open gears, slew ring, trolley winch & lubricate

  • Handrails & ladder security

  • Sheaves for rope lube build up & clean off excess

  • Condition of electrical power supply cable

  • Condition of earth cable

  • Wire ropes are on the drum & correctly reeved on the sheave


  • Brakes on slew, trolley, hoist, travel & luff

  • Dead man switch operates & brakes

  • Limits on hoist, trolley, luff & travel

  • All panel instruments works

  • Operating emergency control


  • Rotation of hook

  • Deformation of rope guard

  • Kinks in wire rope

  • Wedge correctly fitted

  • Deformation of hook

  • Rotation of sheaves

  • Broken strands to in rope

  • Rope clip fitted to end

  • Safety latch fitted

  • Lubricate sheaves

  • Corrosion of rope


  • Mounting bolts

  • Brake linings/adjustment

  • Oil Levels

  • Oil leaks - gear box

  • Oil level - gear box

  • Brake oil - fluid lead

  • Oil leaks - hydraulic motor

  • Drum cracks

  • Disorderly rope winding

  • Rope lubricated


  • Slew table cracks

  • Slew box oil levels

  • Slew motor leaks

  • Slew brake operation/adjustment


  • Operation of all gauges

  • Warning buzzers

  • Anti two block operation

  • Load chart

  • Check cab and windows are clean

  • Control levers/play

  • Windscreen condition

  • Work lamps

  • Steps/grab rails

  • Radius meter

  • Wind meter

  • Comments:

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