General Requirements

  • OSHA Poster Available

  • OSHA 300 Form available onsite.

  • Emergency contact numbers posted onsite.

  • SD sheets available onsite.

  • Toolbox talks collected from subs on a weekly basis.

  • Bathroom facilities available.

  • Drinking water available.

  • First Aid Kit available.

  • Housekeeping well maintained.

  • Lighting well maintained.

Fire Protection

  • Fire Extinguishers provided.

  • Standpipe operational.

  • Exit signs posted.

  • Exit staircases accessible and free from debris.

  • Fire Guards provided for hot work operations.

  • Compressed gasses stored upright and secured in approved cages.

  • All combustibles removed from storage areas.

  • "No Smoking" signs posted at storage areas.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • 100% Head protection provided.

  • Proper eye protection provided.

  • Reflectively clothing provided around moving vehicles.

  • Proper footwear provided.

  • Respiratory protection provided when required.

Material Handling/Storage

  • Material stored clear of access routes.

  • Material stored 10' from open floor edges.

  • Material stored 6' from shaft openings.

  • Material stacked or secured to prevent tipping.

  • All rigging slings provided with identification tags.

  • All rigging equipment provided with rated loads.


  • Power tools provided with proper guarding.

  • Electrical tools provided with proper cords.

  • Welding leads spliced with proper plugs.

  • Oxy-acetylene hoses in good condition.

  • Competent Person identified for each trade.

  • Compressed gas gauges operational.

  • Powder actuated tool training certificate available for operator.


  • Base plates or casters provided under each leg.

  • Cross braces provided at each frame.

  • Proper access provided to each platform.

  • Each platform fully decked.

  • Guard rails provided at 6' fall exposure.

  • Scaffold properly braced to prevent tipping.

  • Debris netting provided when falling object hazard exists.

  • Scissor lift and boom lift user training available onsite.

Fall Protection

  • Competent Person identified for each trade.

  • Fall protection provided at all areas with fall exposure of 6 feet.

  • Hole covers secured to prevent accidental displacement and marked.

  • Standard guard rails provide with a top and mid rails along with toe boards.

  • Personal Fall Arrest anchors rated for 5000 lbs per worker.

  • Lanyard provided limits free fall distance to 6 feet.

  • Lanyards provided prevent contact with lower level.


  • All temporary outlets protected by GFCIs.

  • All electrical panels locked and labeled.

  • All extension cords without damage.

  • Electric heaters hard wired without splices on floors.

  • Temp lighting suspended under ceiling and grounded.


  • Competent Person identified for each trade.

  • Support of excavation drawings available onsite.

  • Proper access provided.

  • Proper protection provided at height of 5 feet.


  • Formwork drawings available at the site.

  • Formwork inspection performed prior to concrete placement.

  • Rebar protection provided.


  • All operator seats provided with seat belt.

  • All required mirrors provided.

  • All equipment provided with backup alarms.

  • All tires properly inflated.

  • Operator's manual available onsite.

  • All operators trained for the use of the equipment.

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