Posting and Warning signs

  • Signs Present for all Regulatory Requirements (emergency exits, Fire extinguisher, eye wash, hazards etc)

Personal Protective Equipment

  • All basic PPE worn as required. (safety glasses with side shields, ear plugs, safety shoes)

  • Glass handlers o cutting tools users wearing grey gloves and sleeves.

  • Cutting table / painters / welders - using proper PPE - shoulder sleeves,

  • All PPE properly stored / cartridges replaced often (respirators)

General Housekeeping

  • Floors, walls, ceilings are clean and free of debris. Pathways marked

  • Equipment clean and in good repair

  • isle ways and egress points free of blockages and storages

  • Glass / window carts stored in their place

  • Materials, tools and fixtures properly stored and in good condition

Materials Handling /Lifting operations

  • Rolling stairs, moving platforms, scaffolds in good condition and properly used. Fall protection harnesses / lanyards inspected and personnel trained

  • All ladders inspected and good condition.


  • Plan in place that shows egress points and evacuation zone Employees aware of where evacuation zones are

  • Emergency exits clearly marked with lighted signs. Open outwards, lead to un obstructed path way

Lighting / electrical

  • Safe Electrial outlets loose, cabinets blocked or doors open. other electrical issue


  • Body positions detected that could cause illnesses or injuries?

  • Employees seen lifting heavy windows or doors with no help

  • Excessive vibration in tooling detected

  • walking/working Areas Adequately Illuminated / no missing light fixtures

Noise Exposure

  • Any high noise areas (hard to understand persons speaking?)

Stacking and Storage

  • All racks properly anchored and stable. Lights above racks protected. With weight limit on them.

  • Chains, slings, inspected

  • on loaded trailers - 4 inch gap from wall, 3 straps on all stacks, top strap removed last.

  • pallets, boxes, skids etc in good condition\

Lift Truck Operations

  • Operator certified to operate forklift

  • Forklift inspected and in good condition - Daily inspection

  • Pathways for forklift and pedestrians designated and segregated

Chemicals, Fuels, eye washes and showers

  • All chemicals properly labeled.

  • All chemicals stored in Flammable cabinets.

  • Flammable drums bonded and grounded. In vented area

  • Chemical spill kits are available in all sites

  • Fuel tanks grounded, secondary containment and away from building.

  • Eye washes / showers inspected monthly. They have Signage on them.

Compressed Gasses

  • Stored away from sources of heat / flame and away from oil/grease

  • Fuels and oils separated

  • Bottles must be Chained or caged.

  • Stored in designated, labeled area. Fuels and oxidizers separated

Waste Disposal and Sanitation

  • Food and drink not permitted in work areas (water bottles exception)

Hand and Portable Tools

  • Hoses and cords in good repair and properly stored

  • Power tools in good condition and with no missing guards or ground prongs

  • Compressed air blow off tools equipped with safety nozzles.

Lock Out/Tag Out

  • Equipment in disrepair has been locked out

  • Review employee placing lockout to ensure knowledge.

  • LOTO devices, tags and locks are available. Tags have names.

  • All equipment has lockout instructions and lockout points

Fire Protection

  • Fire extinguishers inspected for the month / year and ready for use

  • Good clearance on sprinkler heads

  • Alarm / sprinkler systems inspected at least annually

Confined spaces

  • All confines spaces haves signs and are secured

First Aid Kits/Stations/Equipment

  • Adequate number per amount of employees. Well stocked . First aid logs being used.

  • AED inspected

Welding, Cutting or Brazing

Welding, Cutting or Brazing

  • Hot Work Permit System in Effect

  • Fire Watch Maintained. Fire extinguisher on hand. Cover openings floor/wall

  • Adequate Ventilation Provided (in shop & portable

  • Welding Screens Used & Combustibles. Combustibles 30 ft away.

Machine safety

  • All machine hazards (saw,

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