• Inspection No.

  • Audit title/property address

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by David Fleming QBCC Lic: 102129 Swimming Pool Safety Inspector Complete Home Inspections Qld P: 0410 369560 E:

  • Accompanied by


  • Name of owner(s)

  • Postal address (if different from property address)

  • Phone/mobile

  • Email address

  • Assessment No.


  • This inspection date

  • Last inspection date

  • Pool/Spa type

  • Pool/Spa construction

  • Additional description of pool or spa

  • Fence type

  • Fence height 1200mm or higher, near vertical or not leaning towards the pool/spa area by more than 15 degrees to the vertical

  • Gate(s) opening direction away from the pool/spa area

  • Gate(s) self-closing and self-latching from any position when opened (including when resting on the latch)

  • Adjoining structures to the pool/spa barrier to be non climbable or not within a 1200mm radius of the pool/spa barrier

  • Latch height at 1500mm or shielded 450mm from latch (no gaps of more than 10mm within the shielded area) and/or at least 150mm below the top of the gate

  • Lowest horizontal member to be at least 1100mm from top of fence and not less than 1400mm from the latch

  • Height under gate and fence less than 100mm and has a stable surface that cannot be eroded by weather, children or animals

  • Distance between vertical (|) members less than 100mm

  • Distance between horizontal (-) members no less than 900mm apart if greater than 10mm either in depth or protrusion

  • No foot or hand holds (BBQ's, garden retaining walls, garden furniture, water features/ornaments, trees/shrubs) within a 1200mm radius on the outside of the fence or 300mm from the inside of the fence

  • Stability/durability of barrier compliant

  • Any window less than 2400mm to the ground to be either covered by bars or mesh or unable to open more than 100mm

  • Door self-closing and self-latching from any position when opened (including when resting on the latch) or permanently fixed using a device other than a key locking mechanism<br>NOTE: ONLY APPLICABLE TO POOLS AND/OR SPAS APPROVED PRIOR TO 5 NOVEMBER 2001

  • Retaining wall(s) compliant (high side 2400mm and low side 1200mm)

  • Balcony height less than 2400mm to the finished ground level still compliant

  • Pool/Spa barrier compliant

  • Instructions to rectify compliance issues

  • Notes

  • Other photos

  • Follow up inspection required

  • Owner/occupier home

  • Please call, text or email inspector on 0410 369560 or when compliance issues are rectified. Thank you.

  • This Pool/Spa Inspection Report is issued under Section 53 of the Building Regulations 2012.

    Any swimming pool or spa must have suitable barriers or safety fencing in accordance with the Building Act 2011, the Building Regulations Act 2012 and the Australian Standards AS 1926.1 & .2 - 2007, so as to restrict the access by young children.



  • Issuing Officer

  • Is a compliant CPR sign clearly visible

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