• Name of person completing the Task/Check Sheet.

Previous Task Sheets

  • Has the previous task sheet been reviewed?

  • Were all tasks completed?



  • Equipment Health & Safety Checks

  • Daily Building check

  • Check bookings for the Seminar Room and the Taekwondo Studio

  • Check the Pool Area

  • Check the fire alarm panel and report any faults or concerns

  • Comments/Actions

Martial Arts Studio

  • Spot-mop and disinfect areas as required

  • Comments/Action

Pool Area

  • Water tests every 2 hrs at 7:00, 9:00, 11:00 and 13:00hrs

  • Comments/Actions

Changing Rooms

  • Check and clean areas as required every 2 hrs. Including sinks, work tops, benches & floors

  • Comments/Actions

Main Hall

  • Wipe down and spray all freestanding benches

  • Wipe down and spray all fixed benches

  • Wipe down and spray all fixed bars / racks

  • Comments/actions

Cardio Floor

  • Mop all cardio equipment bases

  • Clean all cardio displays

  • Comments/Actions

Strength Machines Area

  • Wipe down and spray all machines

  • Wipe down and spray all GHR, Bench Pulls and Stretch Machines

  • Comments/Actions


  • 10:00 Induction

  • Comments/Actions


  • Check whether all 'Morning Shift' tasks were completed

  • Check all fire exits on lock down

  • Comments/Actions

Pool Area

  • Water tests every 2hrs at: 15:00, 17:00, 19:00 and 21:00hrs

  • Comments/Actions


  • Inductions at 13:00, 18:00 and 20:00hrs

  • Comments/Actions

Cardio Floor

  • Clean Cardio Displays

  • Turn off all machines

  • Inspect the area and report any faults

  • Comments/Actions

Sprint Corridor

  • Tidy Sprint Corridor

  • Turn off the air-conditioning

  • Comments/Actions

Gymnastics Hall and Changing Rooms

  • Tidy changing rooms

  • Inspect all areas and report faults as required

  • Switch off the music system, all lights and lock down the area

  • Comments/Actions

Gymnastics Seminar Room

  • Switch off heating (subject to bookings)

  • Tidy the room and set-up as required

  • Inspect the room and report any faults as necessary

  • Turn off lights and lock the room

  • Comments/Actions

Martial Arts Studio

  • Tidy the room

  • Inspect the room and report any faults as necessary

  • Turn off all lights and lock the room

  • Comments/Actions

Changing Rooms

  • Pick up rubbish

  • Inspect the rooms and report any fault as necessary

  • Turn off all lights and lock all rooms

  • Comments/Actions

Area Inspection, Fault Reporting and Lockdown.

  • Reception area and toilets

  • Corridor and Staircase area

  • Rugby Room Staircase area

  • Athletes Lounge

  • Upstairs Corridor and toilets

  • Physio Room

  • Reception Balcony and toilet areas

  • Comments/Actions

Additional Tasks

  • List any additional tasks carried out, and by whom.

Tasks Not Completed

  • List all tasks not completed that need to be carried over to the next shift/day

General comments or observations

  • Any General Comments or Observations

Sign Off

  • Responsibility for the 'Morning' shift

  • Responsibility for the 'Afternoon & Evening' shift

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