Pre-planting Checklist

General Information
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Planter & Tractor Checks

Have the planter checks been carried out?

Has the planter been checked for damage?

Have the Soucy tracks been greased and have the nuts and bolts been checked to see if they have become loose?

Has the tractor and the telehandler been checked for damage?

Has the compressor belt been checked for damage?

Is starter fertiliser being used?

Have the fertiliser tines been checked for blockages or damage?

Safety Checks

Has the front PTO guard been inspected for damage and is it in suitable condition?

Have all staff been trained and signed off?

Have all staff been issued with PPE and is it being worn?

Are all fixed guards in place and in good condition?

Is the reversing alarm working and has it been tested?

Welfare Checks

Are the toilets located 10m away from the crop / water source / housing?

Are the toilets in an acceptable condition? Is there enough stock of toilet roll, soap, sanitiser, water and paper towels?

Is there sufficient stock in the first aid box?

Are fire extinguishers available in the planting tractor and mini bus?