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EVERY TASK CAN BE COMPLETED SAFELY AND WITHOUT ENVIRONMENTAL INCIDENT All accidents, injuries, fires, and near misses, no matter how small, shall be reported immediately

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Work Area Assessment

  • Do I know the wind direction?

  • Do I know where to find a safety shower, fire extinguisher, and fire monitor?

  • Is a safe means of access and exit provided to my work area?

  • Do I know how and have the means available to report an emergency?

  • Do I know what to do in the event of an emergency? (Understand alarm system, evacuation routes, assembly areas, etc.)

  • Have I identified potential safety and environmental hazards associated with this task and taken all reasonable steps to remove them?


  • Am I in the right frame of mind and focused on the task at hand? (Motivated, ready to work safely, etc.)

  • Do I know how to do this task safely and without environmental incident?

  • Do I need a second opinion or help performing this task? (It's OK and expected that you get help when needed)


  • Do I have the correct tool(s) and equipment to perform the task safely and without environmental incident?

  • Have I inspected the tools and verified that they are safe to use?

Secondary Effects

  • Have I informed others in the area that might be affected by what I am doing?

  • Am I aware of "the line of fire"?

  • Is my work properly controlled so that my coworkers and I will not be adversely affected by potentially hazardous conditions resulting from this task?

  • Does the task at hand affect a downstream process and have those effects been communicated to those process owners?

Reminder / Responsibility

  • Am I aware of the written as well as the unwritten procedure associated with this task?

  • Have I identified potential sources of leaks or spills associated with task and made plans to address these possible sources? (Secondary containment)

  • Does this task require a safe work permit?

  • Did the process overview on the safe work permit adequately cover all pertinent information required to safely complete the task at hand?

  • Does this task require an MOC?

  • I will clean up when this task is complete. (Leave it better than I found it)

  • I will dispose of waste properly. (And, if I don't know, I will ask)

  • I know I can complete this task safely and without environmental incident. (If not, I will ask for help and repeat this checklist before starting work)

Personal Protection

  • Do I know the proper PPE for this task and am I wearing it? (Follow safe work practices and MSDS)

  • Do I need to familiarize myself with an MSDS for this job?

  • Suggestions for improved safety and environmental performance:

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