Drill Rig Details

  • Site

  • Manufacturer

  • Vehicle Photo

  • Type

  • Model

  • Year Make

  • Identification

  • Owner

  • I'm

  • Conducted on

  • Conducted By

  • Location


  • Registration current

  • Vehicle regularly serviced and maintained

  • Date do last service

  • Prestart checklist available

  • Reversing beepers audible and engaged automatically

  • Flashing light operational and visible

  • Indicators, head lights, brake lights and reversing lights operational

  • Dune flag to at least 2.7 m in height

  • Horn audible

  • Seat belts installed and in good condition

  • Fixed UHF radio operational and works on site channels

  • First aid available and fully stocked

  • Fire extinguisher mounted, fully charged and currently tagged

  • Vehicle is clean, free from loose objects, dirt and seeds

  • Air conditioning installed and operational

  • Seats are secure and in good condition

  • Windscreen is free from cracks and scratches that restrict operator view

  • Windscreen wipers and water operational

  • Cargo barrier in place (wagons only)

  • Recovery equipment available including a jack, base plate and recovery straps

  • Wheel chocks x 2 available

  • Breakdown triangles x 3 available

External check

  • Truck free from soil and vegetation

  • Tyres in good condition, correctly inflated, valve caps fitted and pressure marked

  • Rims free from cracks or damage and segments secured in place

  • Wheel nuts in place and tight. Wheel weights evident

  • Steering system serviceable

  • Engine free from fluid leaks

  • Fluid and lubricant levels correct

  • Engine compartment free from excess grease or foreign materials

  • Batteries secured

  • Hand brake operational

  • Exhaust emissions are acceptable


Inspector comments:

  • Comments:

  • Inspector Signature

  • Action Plan

  • Actions
  • Issue to be resolved

  • Due date

  • Assigned to

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